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The Best Kinds of Indoor Plants for your Small Space


Indoor plants are trendier than ever this year, and it’s well deserved – they add a lively pop of color to any room, can act as a smaller statement piece, and even refresh the air. How about that.

Anyone can rock the indoor plant trend, but if you are someone living in a smaller space with a limited amount of sunlight and an even smaller amount of motivation to care for a high maintenance situation, you may wonder if this is even a viable option for you (spoiler alert: it is)! We’re covering the top 5 indoor plants that will fit all of your criteria, regardless of your lifestyle. Check, check, and check.

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Summery Ways to Adorn Your End Table or Coffee Table

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Has your home décor been feeling a little monotonous lately? One of the quickest ways to make a room feel refreshed and up to date is with a thoughtful arrangement of seasonal accessories on your end table or coffee table.

Go beyond the expected lamp next to the couch and challenge yourself to curate a combination of accessories that reflects the season and enhances your rooms.

Don’t know where to start? Get inspired with a few of our  go-to accessories!

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