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What your coffee table style says about you

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Whether you like it or not, every décor choice you make in your home is a direct reflection of both your style and your personality. From your pillow arrangements to the color of your walls, choices big and small can speak volumes about how you view your living space.

One of the places that most reveals your priorities and aesthetic is the coffee table. What could the layout of your coffee table be saying about you?


The classic coffee table is dressed with fragrant candles, a floral arrangement and small, personal trinkets. This person who arranged this table has elegant taste, respects tradition and prefers a neutral palette. If you have a classic coffee table, we can bet that the details throughout your home are tended to — even your guest room is well-equipped. This kind of coffee table reflects a home that’s inviting, structured and timeless.


If your coffee table is topped with a stack of fashion magazines, design-centric coffee table books, color-coordinated accessories and a decorative tray, you have a trendy coffee table. You’re always up on the latest trends in fashion, home décor and cooking. You love bright colors and bold design, and you’ve never met a large-scale floral pattern you didn’t like.


A functional coffee table is mounted with a simple tray, a stack of coasters and a TV remote — no fancy frills here! Beyond the coffee table, your look is casual and perfectly worn-in. If you have a high-traffic home, it’s outfitted in hardy textiles and a neutral color palette with pops of bright color.


The bare coffee table is a style in and of itself. Your style tends toward the minimalist, with clean lines and very little clutter. If you have candles, magazines or a remote you use, they’re nearby — just not on display. This coffee table style can also be the most versatile. Depending on the day or occasion, you can change it to fit your needs, whether that’s to put your feet up or to set down a tray of drinks for guests.

How is your coffee table styled? If you don’t see a description above, tell us about it in the comments below!


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