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How to decorate your fireplace for the warmer months

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

During the fall and winter, the fireplace is the central gathering place in the home. Nothing feels quite as cozy as sitting in front of a roaring fire, chatting with friends and family as the temperatures dip outside.

But now that spring has sprung and summer’s just around the corner, don’t forget that you can still light up a room (sans flames) with a beautifully decorated fireplace.

Above the mantel

Structurally, the fireplace is always the focal point of a room. This means that the wall over the mantel is a crucial space to decorate. To refresh this area for summer, hang a showstopping piece that you can enjoy all year long. A colorful piece of art or a decorative mirror are both great pieces to place over a mantel.

When you’re looking for the right piece to go over your mantel, make sure that the width isn’t longer than that of the mantel. Another thing to keep in mind is that this piece should pull the whole room together. Find a work of art that has a color palette that complements the furniture, or a mirror with lines and shapes that reflect the design of the room.


On the mantel

Mantels are the perfect height and surface to showcase something meaningful. Take the opportunity to display a collection that reflects you and your family. Set out framed family photos, jars of shells collected at the beach or various pieces of inherited porcelain.

You might also want to keep it simple. A vase or two of fresh flowers that change with the week will certainly add some color and life to your mantel.


In the fireplace

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can also decorate the inside of your fireplace. Before proceeding with any decorating, make sure that your fireplace is impeccably clean. Remove the andiron and rid the fireplace of any lingering soot and cobwebs.

Next, get creative with filling the space so it won’t be bare in the coming months. Stacks of books, a pile of cut birch logs or even a collection of pillar candles in various heights and widths are all easy choices that yield a beautiful result. If your fireplace is no longer functional, this is a great way to keep it decorated year-round!

How do you bring life and color to your fireplace in the spring and summer?



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