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How to use accent furniture to transform a room

how to use accent furniture to transform a room

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Is your home feeling a little dull after taking down all that holiday decor? Spruce it up with some evergreen accent furniture! Accent furniture should fit your existing style but offer an interesting shape or complementary color. You can transform any room in your house with just one great piece, whether you’re buying something new or reviving a piece you already have. The challenge with accent furniture is striking the delicate balance between fitting in and standing out. Below are the five components I refer to when seeking out accent furniture for my rooms.


If you’re just beginning to play around with the idea of acquiring a bold, eye-catching piece, start with something small, such as bedside tables or a petite end table for the living room. A common misconception is that accent furniture has to be prominent in size to make a visual impact. On the contrary, even the smallest addition can bring new life to an otherwise stale room. If you are ready to make a big change, by all means, go big! Let your accent be the dining room table, the living room couch or even the master bedroom headboard.


The best way to go bold with an accent is to choose a piece that’s completely different from your existing style. If your home is modern or minimalist, go with something intricate and baroque. Is your home’s aesthetic inspired by the French countryside? Try mixing in an item that has a sleek, urban feel. Traditionalist? A Persian rug or Moroccan side table will add a bohemian twist you didn’t know you needed. By intermingling two disparate styles, you’ll personalize your space and further define your aesthetic.


Even if you aren’t ready to purchase a new piece of furniture to enliven your home, you can transform an existing piece of furniture into an accent with a fresh color. Whether you’re painting the furniture or reupholstering it, you’ll be surprised at what a huge difference color makes. For rooms with a safe, neutral palette, go bold! Choose a color you’ve always wanted to try (on the walls perhaps), but have always hesitated. Daring decor colors I love for spring and beyond include Schiaparelli pink, Kelly green and French blue. Go a step further than a pop of color and incorporate a fun pattern instead. Hint: 2016 is supposed to be the year of large-scale florals.


For those who already have a good amount of color and pattern in their decor mix, introduce a unique texture with your accent piece. Rooms dominated by upholstery and wood details will do well with a dose of metallic. As for rooms that are sleek with a lot of metal or leather, a faux fur stool or comfy upholstered chair will create some stylistic and sensory balance. While it sounds contradictory, you’ll find that incorporating an unexpected texture will highlight the furniture pieces you already know and love.


There’s a place for accent furniture in every room, but I’d suggest starting out with just one accent piece in a room so you don’t create a disjointed look. The easiest go-to accents include a coffee table in the formal living room, an armchair in the family room and a pair of bedside tables in the bedroom. These secondary items will allow you to be just adventurous enough and make an impact on your room without disrupting the existing harmony of your decor.


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