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Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel like a Hotel

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Graduation season and summer are right around the corner, and you know what that means — houseguests galore! Whether you’re welcoming family, friends or both, go above and beyond with some hotel-worthy attention to detail. Use these 10 tips to prep your home in advance, and you’ll be a prepared, confident and relaxed hostess!

Hire a housekeeper 

Give your home — especially your guest room and common spaces — an ultra-clean feeling by hiring a housekeeper to clean the place before your guests arrive. Besides making your house feel refreshed, letting someone else do the heavy cleaning will allow you more time to get other things ready. While your guests are staying with you, handle the little things like making the bed and emptying the guest room trash cans.

Welcome basket

Prepare a small welcome basket to greet your guests when they walk into their room. You can include bottles of water, a few snacks, some local color and a note letting them know how happy you are to have them.

How-to guide

Along with the welcome basket, give your guest a quick and easy how-to guide for life at your home. Include the Wi-Fi password, coffee-making instructions and the thermostat location. Guests who are well-informed feel at home! Bonus: They don’t have to bug you for pertinent information when you give it to them right off the bat!

Travel-sized toiletries

Include a selection of travel-sized toiletries in the bathroom or the welcome basket. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and even an extra toothbrush will put your guests at ease in case they forgot their essentials at home. While you’re at it, make sure toilet paper and tissue paper is well-stocked.

Sheets and towels

High-quality sheets and towels are a must in boutique hotels and in your guest room! Spring for high thread count sheets and plush towels. I always choose white for both because it feels clean, neutral and luxurious. Don’t forget to lay out a bathmat and a few wash towels in the bathroom, too!

Reading material

If you have a guest staying with you, they’re most likely on vacation — so let them live like it! Put out plenty of reading material, like fun magazines to New York Times bestsellers. That way, they’ll be sure to find something they’ll like.

Reading lamps

All good hotels have good bedside lighting to create an inviting, warm atmosphere. If you have a couple staying with you, make sure they each have their own bedside table and lamp so they can control the lighting should they choose to read or sleep.

Closet space

Make your guests feel welcome by clearing a space for them to put their clothes. If there’s a closet or dresser in the guest bedroom, clean it out completely (or as best you can) to invite guests to take their things out of their bags and settle in. For rooms without a closet, pull out a luggage rack or two so your guest can feel organized and comfortable.


Bring some life and color to your guest bedroom with a vase of flowers. Don’t feel like you need to opt for a lavish arrangement — just a simple pop of color can work wonders for the room’s atmosphere.

Laundry basket

Are your guests staying for more than a few days? Put out a laundry basket to create a hospitable feel. Whether you show your guests how to use your washing machine or you do their laundry for them, clean, folded clothes are quite the luxury on vacation!

What are some of the best hosting tips you’ve picked up at hotels?


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