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10 Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom

Best Ways to Decorate the interior of Your home's Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the space where you relax, calm down, spend “me-time”, and rejuvenate after a busy day. You deserve a beautiful yet functional room that suits your personal style and where you feel safe, comfortable, and contented. 

We have wonderful bedroom décor ideas, whether you want to start from scratch with a new set of bedroom furniture or just wish to add a few accents to spruce your boudoir up and turn it into a happier place. Do you prefer your room to be comfy and warm or minimalistic, cool and airy? Decisions … decisions …

What You Should Consider When Buying Bedroom Furniture

The thought of updating your bedroom can feel somewhat overwhelming unless you’ve already done it a few times. Our tips may help you to get started on a series of elements you need to consider.

  • Space: The first thing to do before you start shopping is to measure the size of the area you have available and take the shape and other structural aspects like a sloping roof, a bay window, or a hidden nook into account. You may want to include a chest of drawers, but can the area accommodate one? Does your bedroom have built-in cupboards and enough storage space or do you need to add shelving, a TV stand or media chest?
  • Style: Traditional or modern – vintage or wood and metal – Art Deco or minimalist? A large sleigh bed and accompanying heavy dresser in dark wood may look magnificent in a large area. Still, if you’re decorating a small room that doesn’t get much light, clean, simple lines in a light palette may suit your trendy style and enhance the existing accessories and fixtures better.
  • Bed Selection: Re-evaluate the size and the style of the bed you’ll be living with for several years to come. If you want to change the bed size, you may need to replace your mattress, while the head- and footboards are just as important. You don’t want a high headboard to block the light from your only window, whereas a low footboard may be a better option if you have long legs. Consider these aspects ahead of time to help you narrow your search.
  • Nightstands: The bedside table is an essential article. It houses your lamp, alarm clock, book, a glass of water, and other things such as medication that you may need during the night. You will probably require two nightstands if you share the room with a partner.
  • Dresser with Mirror: Dressers are usually paired with a mirror, are wider than they are tall, and have two to three columns of drawers. As is the case with our various furnishings and bedroom décor ideas, we have dressers and mirrors available separately and as part of our full bedroom collections.

Now that you’ve given the essentials thorough consideration you can redirect your attention to the decoration of the room as a whole − and the smaller accessories and knick-knacks that will provide you with the atmosphere you want to create. 

Creating the Bedroom You Want

If you feel the need to turn your retreat into a completely different environment, small things can make a big difference. A mini-makeover can breathe new life into the same old furniture. We have a few ideas you may like.

  • Bedding Sets: You can generate a welcoming feel in your private space with different textures, linens, throws, and pillows. We stock comforter sets of every kind in various fabrics, colours, and patterns; reversible, faux fur, printed cotton, Hollywood glam, sateen, velvet, sophisticated, or country cabin style. Few things give a warmer, more luxurious feel than a throw combined with soft pillows to sink your tired body into; chunky double or cotton knits and faux cashmere throws will make your refuge that much more soothing.
  • Walls: Wallpaper with a symmetrical, repeated pattern can create a unique ambience in a room, whether placed on only some of or all the walls. What’s more, you may consider a mural on only one wall and paint the others in a matching colour. Choose a digital illustration, photograph, or image and have it custom printed onto panels to fit the size of your wall. If wallpaper is not your style, a fresh coat of paint will give the space a new lease on life, whether you choose a muted palette, monochrome, white, dark, or bright colours, and don’t forget the wall art. An original painting, posters, prints, or a mirror can tie elements in the room together and heighten visual interest. 
  • Lighting: There will be times when you need a bright ceiling light but you’ll probably favour floor and table lamps or hidden lights that create a tranquil mood when you want peace and quiet. A soft glow from either an embossed antique or contemporary sculptural table lamp, or a steel arc floor lamp, adds dimension and depth to a room and can have a remarkable effect on your state of mind. 
  • Area Rugs: Rugs are popular because they improve the look and feel of your space. Add them to hardwood, laminate, and tile floors or lay them over wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs are valuable if not essential additions to your décor as they bring elements such as distinct colours and varying components in a room together. Rugs and carpets provide a sense of warmth, comfort, softness, style, and they reduce noise. If you place a rug correctly it anchors the furniture in the room and helps to make your space feel grounded and more intimate.  
  • Greenery: Plants bring life and nature in from the outside. They raise your spirits and heighten your mood when you wake up in the morning. If you don’t have enough natural light in your bedroom you may want to have a look at the astounding artificial plants and trees on the market, some of which are so expertly crafted from superlative substances that they look as fresh and pretty as the real thing. 

Find Your Bedroom Set At Home Zone Furniture

We offer a wide range of three-piece bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror collections, separate furniture pieces, beds, bedding sets, and accessories to suit a variety of tastes and design ideas. We hope you will enjoy your decorating expedition and invite you to contact us and view our products, get the information you require, ask questions, place your order, or access our store locations so you can visit us in person.

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