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Create Style and Comfort with these Guest Bedroom Ideas

Whether you’re new to hosting or want to refresh your spare bedroom after years of welcoming people into your home, our guest bedroom decorating ideas are sure to help you create a cozy and inviting space. From small bedrooms to shared home offices, we have an array of furniture options and decorating ideas ahead, so you can confidently know how to decorate a guest room and get the most value out of your space.  

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Select a Theme

Though you may use your guest bedroom only now and then, remember it is still part of your home and should, therefore, reflect your interior décor style. Think about the décor and furniture you already have in your home and consider guest bedroom themes that complement that existing style. You don’t want your guests to feel that the space is an afterthought or a forgotten zone.

Add a Comfortable Bed

If you want to enjoy spending time with your guests, a restful night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress is sure to put them in a good mood in the morning. Select a bed that suits the size of your space and works with your lifestyle. For example, a giant king-size bed probably isn’t the best choice for a small bedroom, no matter how much you want your guests to experience the royal treatment. A queen bed offers a scaled-down yet still-roomy option, and a sofa bed is perfect if you are also using the room as a home office, a kids playroom, or something else.

Style With Bedding

Who said blankets were only for keeping warm? You can have fun with your guest room and use stylish comforters, throws, and accent pillows to make your space feel inviting. Not only will your guests have an extra blanket at the end of the bed to use on a cold night or a cushion to prop themselves up when reading a book, but you can use the bedding to incorporate color into your décor as well. 

Keep It Light and Bright

Ensure your spare room has enough lighting for guests to carry out their usual activities. The main overhead light is perfect for getting ready in the morning, while a lamp on the bedside table is ideal for reading in bed or creating soft lighting when your guests want to unwind at the end of the day. A stylish lamp can also add an extra design element to your room.

Mirrors offer multiple benefits besides the obvious. Hanging one above the dresser or behind the closet door is ideal, and if you size and place the mirror correctly, it can amplify light streaming in from a nearby window while also giving the illusion of more space.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Whether you also use your spare room as a home office or keep it solely as a guest bedroom, multifunctional furniture can save you time, space, and effort. For a large bedroom, consider adding a storage ottoman to hide extra blankets, as well as provide a seat for your guests to sit on while putting on their shoes. You can also use it as a surface for laying out towels or extra supplies. If you have a desk in your guest room, keep it organized and clutter free with a stylish tray

Include Storage

The best guest room furniture ideas should also include ample storage. Not everyone enjoys living out of a suitcase for days, so if you have the space, include a chest of drawers or a dresser in which your guests can store their clothes. For smaller spare rooms, you can incorporate shelving or drawers into the wardrobe to maximize floor space. Stylish baskets and laundry hampers can also add decorative touches and give your guests a place to put dirty towels or clothes if they are planning on an extended stay.

Provide Bedside Tables

Have no fear if there are only 18 inches between the bed and the wall in your guest room. Home Zone has furniture solutions for every nook and cranny. Search for narrow nightstand or slim end tables to bookend the bed. Though tiny, they still have plenty of room for bedtime essentials: the alarm clock, a glass of water, your guest’s phone (although, let’s be honest, their cellphone probably doubles as their alarm clock anyway). Add a small vase with a single flower and voila, an elegant little storage solution.

Add Style With Décor

Guest room décor ties your spare bedroom together and makes it feel welcoming to guests. You can showcase your style and make it a home away from home for your guests with carefully selected décor. Fill an empty wall with calming artwork, create a warm space with a floor rug, or add color to the room with table accessories such as candles and vases. These finishing touches are sure to impress and make your guest bedroom cozy and inviting. 

Let Home Zone Furniture Help You Decorate Your Guest Room

With our help, you’ll create a guest room design that will entice your family and friends to return to your hospitality and the comfort of your home. We have an extensive range of stylish furniture and home décor to suit a variety of themes. Browse our range online or visit your local Home Zone store. You can also contact our team for more guest room decorating ideas. 

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