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How to Arrange a Kid’s Bedroom

From sleeping and reading to playing and studying, a child’s bedroom is a warehouse of precious items that they use to create special memories. With every accessory for their busy lives contained in one room, you can use a thoughtfully arranged space with ample storage solutions and creative furniture selections to make your kids’ bedrooms look organized — while saving you time finding toys, clothes, books and other important possessions.

Furnished Kid's Bedroom From Home Zone Furniture

With our innovative layout ideas and bedroom accents, you can make any kid’s room a haven, whether they share with a sibling or occupy a large or small space on their own.

Split Your Child’s Room Into Zones 

You can make the most of the space in your child’s bedroom by keeping the layout simple. Select furniture and decor accessories that help you split the room into zones for a play area, a sleeping space and ample storage. While child-size furniture looks adorable while your child is young, kids quickly grow out of it, so choose furniture that is adaptable with age. 

Sleep Zone

In a child’s bedroom, you can create a sleeping zone with the bed next to a wall or floating in the middle of the room. Either way, be sure to keep the space next to the bed free from other furniture for a tidy appearance that allows for easy access to the sleep space. 

  • Twin bed: Twin beds are ideal for a kid’s room as they take up less space than other sizes and leave you with several placement options. You can easily free up a play area in the middle of the bedroom by pushing the bed into a corner. Look for a bed with space underneath for storage boxes built-in drawers.
  • Bunk beds: Going vertical is another way to create space in a bedroom, especially if your child shares the space with their siblings. Bunk beds can give each child a designated sleep area while maximizing the floor space. Look for bunk beds that you can arrange in different configurations to give you more options for a bedroom layout or separate into single beds while your child is young.

Play Zone

Every child needs a play area where they can use their imagination, get creative, sit quietly and read or admire their precious toys. 

  • Rugs: Rugs are a perfect way to designate a play area in any room. They work especially well in a kid’s bedroom, as your child can see the rug outline on the floor and keep their toys or craft items within that area. Rugs also create a cozy place where your child can sit and play if you have wooden flooring. 
  • Small tables: While your child may not be old enough to need a desk for studying, a small table tucked into the corner can give kids a place to carry out pretend tea parties or color in a book. You can set up drawers or shelves next to the table to store art supplies. Alternatively, use a small table with built-in drawers or repurpose a low coffee table as a craft or coloring space. 
  • Bedroom accents: A child’s bedroom doesn’t need the same accents as an adult’s space, but stylish pillows can still add comfort to a reading nook and give the room a cozy appearance. Whether you pile multiple cushions into the corner of the room, arrange them on the bed or store them in a hanging net from the ceiling, pillows are a versatile and functional bedroom accent.

Storage Zone

Ample storage is essential for a child’s bedroom — even more critical if the space is limited. Be sure to keep some storage solutions at an accessible height so that your child can reach items on their own. 

  • Furniture for storage: If your child’s room has a decent-sized wardrobe, consider placing furniture such as a dresser inside the space to provide drawers for storage. You can keep clothes tucked away tidily while removing the dresser footprint from the room so that there is more play space. Other furniture such as a storage ottoman can be both a seat and a place to house toys or spare bedding. Shelves and desks are excellent ways to keep items such as books, precious creations, toys and art supplies out of the way yet easy to access and use.
  • Boxes and other accents that provide storage: Soft baskets, stylish boxes and storage cubes that sit on the ground make it easy for your child to grab a toy and go. Thoughtfully planning the height of these storage solutions is a perfect way to get your child into the habit of tidying up and putting their toys away when they are finished playing with them. Roller storage bins for under the bed allow you to hide out-of-season clothing and other items that your child doesn’t use every day. 

Find Furniture for Your Kids’ Bedroom at Home Zone Furniture

When arranging furniture in a kid’s bedroom, design your layout according to how they use the space. Ensure that the bed is easy to access and maintain plenty of storage for toys and books. We have an extensive range of furniture, including beds, bedside tables, storage baskets, pillows and dressers that are ideal for a child’s room. 

If you have questions about matching a certain theme, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team, and they can assist you with your furniture selection. Visit your local Home Zone store or shop online for delivery. 

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