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What is Better, a Foam or Spring Mattress?

What is better, A Foam or Spring Mattress? from Home Zone Furniture

You may or may not have experienced memory foam in the form of a pillow or slippers or such, but have you considered what it can do for your body? All your body has ever known is a spring mattress, but it might be longing for a memory foam one instead. You will not know what you’re missing until you give it a try.

To better understand the differences between a foam and spring mattress, we will consider the differences to help you make an informed choice when you buy your mattress from us.

Support and Pressure Points

A comfortable spring mattress might look inviting with a super fluffy pillowtop for that added comfort and luxury. But this is all an illusion if you delve into the science. A spring mattress creates pressure points on your body and creates uneven support. So how the springs work is that they push back against your body, but your body parts that weight more, such as your bottom and your back, are pressure points, and the mattress pushes back more on these areas. This means that what you think supports your body is, in fact, the cause of your backaches and pins and needles in your arms when you wake up. Your body is not supported equally everywhere, and softness does not mean support.

Now where the memory foam difference comes in is that it shapes and molds to your body. What does this mean for your comfort? Well, imagine your body being hugged by a cloud; it doesn’t intrude or unnaturally shape your body or press only on specific points. It reduces pressure points by 80%, which means your body receives equal contact and support everywhere. You will wake up with fewer joint aches and pains, no body part being “asleep,” and less tossing and turning.

Are there benefits to a spring mattress then? The best memory foam mattresses do not push back against your body. The opposite is true when you sleep on a spring mattress because you have no relief from pressure as it pushes back against your body, resulting in pinched nerves and interrupted circulation. Now why would you still want to sleep on a spring mattress, there has to be a reason why this old way of sleeping was invented in the first place, right? We have the best of both worlds and have captured the best of both in our hybrid mattresses, but it remains essential to consider what your body needs as we analyze the mattress options further.

Durability and Cost

What is Better, A Foam or Spring Mattress? from Home Zone Furniture

You should not compromise on the comfort and the general well-being of your body, but if you can’t afford a memory foam mattress, a spring mattress is way more affordable, and it will last a very long time. A spring mattress can last for seven to ten years before it needs replacement or becomes uncomfortable for sleeping.

Spring mattresses also tend to come with warranties. Still, they are usually only on the comfort layer and not the lifespan of the actual springs, so be sure to read the warranty carefully.

A memory foam mattress is more expensive to manufacture as it takes more material and precision; you can, however, still get a low-cost mattress that will have your body jump for joy. Well, not literally jump because a comfortable foam mattress does not transfer movement, so you won’t have a restless sleep when your partner continually rolls around at night.

The last benefit of a spring mattress is the airflow. Because the memory foam hugs your body, it also means that it generates and captures more body heat, which can result in you waking up sweating in a “mattress hole.” We addressed this concern when we created our Bree-O-Pedic 10″, which is made of gel memory foam, breathable fabric and is environmentally friendly. We want you to have the best sleeping experience and have created our products accordingly.

You also have to consider the air temperature when you buy a memory foam mattress. A cool or freezing aircon room temperature can affect the memory foam and freeze it, causing it to take longer to change shape and creating some discomfort. To further address this issue, we have created hybrid mattresses that capture the best of spring- and memory foam mattresses to eliminate any temperature, movement or airflow problems and just leave you with a good night’s rest.

Can you put a price on your health?

Considering that we sleep 30% or more of our lives, the right support and firmness of your mattress play a significant role in your vitality and quality of life. Truly investing in the right material and mattress for you can make a considerable difference to your life. Consider the benefits of each mattress and consider the hybrids that we offer to discern what will work best for your lifestyle. You might find that being cradled in a cloud of soft support is worth the money spent and the adjustment. Adjusting to a memory foam pillow or mattress can take a bit of time initially as your body attunes to this material but waking up revitalized and feeling great will be worth it.

If you prefer a firm surface to sleep on, you won’t find a memory foam mattress that will give you the same firmness as sleeping on the floor. A spring mattress will still give you more firmness, but with the negative of pressure points. Memory foam will lack the firmness as it reacts to the heat of your body and shapes accordingly to have you floating instead of the firm awareness of the surface below you. The hybrids we offer will give you the comfort of memory foam with the firmness and support of a spring mattress. Ultimately your body will tell you what it prefers and what kind of support it prefers, so it is worth coming through to test them out. Either way, it is essential to know that there are alternatives available to a spring mattress. We stock both kinds of mattresses, hybrids and adjustable bases, among others, to give you the personalized, best possible sleep that you can find.

Depending on your budget, your body structure, and the comfort and firmness you prefer, we can recommend mattresses for you. Be sure that you consider the pros and cons properly before you invest. We are happy to assist you with any advice that you may need and to make your decision-making process more comfortable.

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