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The benefits of sleeping on an adjustable mattress

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Are you riddled with aches and pains when you roll out of bed in the morning? For many people, a sore back and stiff neck are as much a part of their daily routine as that first cup of coffee. It’s easy to blame the pain on stress or age, but the real issue may lie with the mattress itself.

Instead of confronting a sub-par sleeping arrangement with a cohort of pillows and a new set of high thread count sheets, lay the foundation for a good night’s sleep by choosing a quality mattress. Home Zone Furniture offers a number of different mattress types to fit a wide variety of people.

In general, the best mattress is one that keeps your body in complete alignment from head to heels. Since everyone’s mattress needs are different depending on their body type, weight and a host of other variables, be sure to try all types of mattresses, from memory foam to innerspring and even adjustable mattresses.

Personally, I love adjustable mattresses and the many health benefits they offer. First and foremost, an adjustable mattress allows for ergonomically correct positioning of the body. Unlike traditional mattresses, adjustable mattresses cater specifically to the natural curvature of your spine, spreading the weight out evenly and adjusting to your changing needs over time.

By supporting the various pressure points throughout your body, an adjustable mattress can promote both a healthy posture and proper circulation. People with heart problems, breathing trouble and swollen legs and feet will appreciate the effects of an adjustable mattress, but everyone can benefit in some way from customizable support.

If you’re tired of an achy lower back being a regular part of your day, consider switching over to one of our many comfortable mattresses. Sweet dreams may be just within reach!


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