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How To Design a Dining Room – Decor Ideas

Dining rooms are a multi-functional space and how you use yours depends on your lifestyle. You can set up your space as a casual eating area, a place to entertain, accommodate hours spent doing homework, or all the above. Regardless of what your primary purpose is for your dining room, you can create an area that is functional and reflects your personality and style. Interesting dining room walls can create intrigue and lead to conversation when guests are dining, while well-placed furniture can make the space functional. Our helpful tips can assist you in creating a unique dining space that strikes a balance between creative design and function and suits your room size, budget and style. 

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Does the Dining Room Have to Be Next to the Kitchen?

The first thing you need to determine is the location of your dining room. This choice comes down to personal preference, and placing your dining room away from the kitchen is more common than you think. Older houses were designed with a formal dining room off the foyer as a place for guests to gather without entering further into the home. Owners could also showcase elegant furniture, and the rooms were usually designed with an artistic feature such as a chandelier or fireplace. 

While times have changed and open planning living with the convenience of dining directly next to the kitchen has become more popular, a separate dining room can still serve a purpose. If you love to entertain and have large gatherings in your home, a small dining room next to the kitchen may not be ideal. Instead, you can make use of another room in your home, which can accommodate a larger dining table and more chairs to comfortably seat your guests, such as our Magnolia dining suite. This move can also create an intimate dining experience without the distraction of people cooking in the kitchen, and you can always invest in a cart to help deliver food to the table.

What are the Best Ways to Design a Dining Room Space?

One element you need to consider in your dining room is the size of your table and chairs. While the right style and color can enhance your space, you need to ensure that the table comfortably fits the area with enough room to get in and out of your seat. You should leave a minimum clearance of 36 inches between the chairs and walls or other furniture such as a buffet. Below are a few other considerations that can help you beautifully balance the creative and functional aspects of your design and complete a one-of-a-kind dining room.

Determine The Function of Your Dining Room

Determining the function of your room is a key component of how you will design your space and select the table and chairs. For example, will you use it for formal dinner parties or casual dining? Answering this question can help you narrow down your selection of dining room tables, as larger gatherings require more seating. In contrast, casual dining gives you various style options such as round or counter height tables. Round tables are ideal for dinner conversations and provide flexibility depending on your guest numbers. Our Waylon II counter height round table gives you the best of both these features and can work for casual dining or small intimate dinner occasions. 

Create an Intimate Setting

You want your dining room to encourage conversation among your guests, as it’s often the place where they spend most of their time. If you have an open-concept home, privacy screens can reduce noise and block the sight of distractions coming from the kitchen or living space. The additional walls are also a perfect way to infuse some creativity into your space through stylish designs, patterns and color.

Have a Focal Point

Dining room tables should be the focal point of your space. A beautifully designed table that fits your room well and is the center of attention will draw your guests in and make them feel compelled to sit and enjoy each other’s company. Even if you don’t have guests in your home all the time, the comfy upholstered chairs paired with a solid oak table from our Palmer dining set is sure to encourage numerous family gatherings.

Inject Personality

A unique dining room should make a statement, leave a lasting impression and showcase your personality. Bold colors can highlight a bright and bubbly personality, while a soft palette can represent a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. Alternatively, hang artwork on your walls that reflect your hobbies or interests to give your guest more insight into your personality.

Experiment With Colors and Textures

You can make your dining space more interesting when you incorporate colors and textures into your design. Your dining suite is one place you can include these elements by placing colored chairs around a casual contemporary table. Whether you opt for one hue such as our green side chairs or decide to mix and match colors, the textured fabric can soften the space and detract from other hard surfaces. You can also elevate your space by placing an oversized rug under your table to enhance the cozy feel of the space. 

Use The Right Lighting 

The right light fixture can bring your space together and complete the design. Your lighting should complement your space which you can achieve with geometric pendants that reiterate the shape of the room. Alternatively, dramatic chandeliers and sconces can create a glow on the walls and add to the ambiance of the room. 

Find Your Dining Room Set At Home Zone Furniture

The main function for which you use your dining space will play a major role in how you design your room. However, a few key things to remember include:

  • Ensuring that your dining set fits the room well with enough space to move around seated guests
  • Having your dining table as the focal point and creating a welcoming environment through the right lighting.

Other elements in your design should showcase your personality and taste so guests will immediately recognize the unique space as yours. For advice on selecting the perfect stylish and durable dining suite to suit your home and lifestyle, contact our friendly team or browse through our collection online. 

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