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How To Double Your Dining Room as an Office

How To Double Your Dining Room As an Office from Home Zone Furniture

Are you thinking about setting up a home office in your dining room? Choosing the right furniture pieces and engineering a suitable setup allows you to work more efficiently while preserving a cozy mealtime space. Home Zone can provide high-quality furniture options to create handy multifunctional rooms that serve your work-from-home needs and accommodate busy family life.

The Benefits of Using Your Dining Room As Your Home Office 

Whether you have to work from home or do it by choice, there are many advantages to setting up your dining room as an office. The leading benefit lies in the dining table itself — most dining room tables are larger than desks with ample surface area for paperwork and office supplies. They also have more leg room than traditional desks, allowing coworkers and family members to join you while you work.

Working from your dining room is space-saving and ideal for tiny homes, allowing you to turn the family study into a guest room or home gym. If you work a lot, combining your dining room and office creates a comfortable workspace in the heart of the home, so you always feel included in mealtimes and family moments. It often only takes a few furniture additions to transform your existing dining room set into a fully functional home office.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Home Office Space

• Consider the Best Layout 

Think carefully about the layout of your workspace in relation to your home when setting up a dining room office combo. Ensure you sit away from noise and visual distractions. Allow enough space to stretch, stand up and sit back from your desk when you need a break — interior designers typically allocate about 60 x 84”. Consider the available electrical outlets in the room when planning the placement of your printer, Wi-Fi router and desktop computer. 

Place your computer out of direct sunlight and away from any potential glare, and try to sit with a window at your side if you like an office with a view. Adding an accent chair in the corner of the room is the perfect way to encourage visitors, clients and family to drop in during the day. 

• Choose the Right Furniture for Your Space

Long, rectangular tables work best for a dual-purpose dining room office, giving you enough room to spread out while you work, leaving space for dinner time seating. Consider an extendable dining room table, such as our Iris Bench or Port Arthur Rectangle, for an even bigger workspace. Other office dining room ideas include using your dining room cabinet or server to store office supplies or choosing a table with built-in drawers to keep the room neat.

Combining two smaller dining tables gives the space more flexibility, allowing you and your spouse to work solo in the same room or combine your desks for a collaborative project. A multiple table setup means you can dedicate a separate surface for lunch, preventing accidental spills and giving you a midday break from your “desk.” 

• Get Comfortable

You can do many simple things to make your office and dining room combo more comfortable. Choose a soft and supportive chair to use while you work for maximum productivity and comfort. If your existing dining room chairs are not suitable for an eight-hour work day, cushioned host and hostess chairs can help you create a more comfortable office in your dining room. Other ideas for cozying up the space include adding accent decor, plants, wall art and a soft rug under your feet. 

• Find the Right Lighting

Regardless of what you’re working on, proper lighting is essential. Adequate lighting helps you focus on the task at hand and creates a professional environment. A standing lamp, such as our Brushed Steel Arc Floor Lamp, helps you get more overhead lighting without harsh ceiling lights during dinner. 

A standing light gives you the flexibility to shine light either directly over your shoulder or on the opposite side of the room. Table lamps are another stylish choice that prevents eye strain while working and are an opportunity to add some personal style and design flair to the room. Ensure you add blinds or curtains to combat bright afternoon sunlight during summer.

Find Your New Office and Dining Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone prioritizes quality customer service, and we would love to answer your questions and help you turn your dining room into an office. We ship a range of high-quality dining room furniture nationwide with financing and clearance options available to help you get your dream furniture on a budget. Get in touch with us for more information, or visit any of our Home Zone stores for more dining room office ideas.

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