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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Living Room This New Year

A new year means new beginnings, resolutions, and a chance at a fresh start. While most people consider ways to improve their health, finances, or work-life balance for the coming year, it is also a perfect time to give your living room a refresh. Whether you use your living space to relax and unwind at the end of the day, entertain friends, or gather the family to watch movies and play board games, our quick and easy room updates will ensure your space is ready for all the new year’s activities. 

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Get Organized

The end of the holiday season is the perfect time to refresh your room. You’re already taking down the tree, putting away decorations, and returning your home to its usual style, so during this time take the opportunity to clear out any clutter. Adding storage ottomans, cabinets, a coffee table, or baskets to your space is an ideal way to prevent any mess from accumulating again, as they can readily hide your living room accessories such as remotes, magazines, books, and more when you’re not using them. 

Add Greenery

Living room refresh ideas are as simple as adding some greenery to your space. As the winter months can feel dreary, a few small plants scattered around your living room can give you a sense of the summery outdoors. Decorate your mantel, adorn your coffee table, or upgrade your décor with a stylish vase for your plant. If you’re not confident about regularly watering plants, a faux topiary is an ideal way to add texture and greenery to your space. 

Update Your Furniture

Changing out your old living room furniture for trendy or timeless pieces is an effective way to refresh your room. Incorporating a new sofa, sectional, or occasional chair can immediately alter the feel of your space without the need for an entire living room makeover. Be sure to measure your space and choose furniture that works with your traffic flow and room size. If you don’t want to buy a new lounge suite, you can make small furniture changes, such as replacing your end tables or updating your coffee table. These pieces are more budget friendly, yet make a dramatic impact on your décor. 

Include Pops of Color

Including pops of color in your space is another effortless way to update your living room. Subtle changes such as swapping the color of your cushions and throws take minimal time and effort, yet can easily refresh your space for the new year. For a more dramatic effect, consider painting a feature wall, putting up wallpaper, or hanging new drapes. If you’re not sure which color is best for updated living rooms, every year Pantone releases its Color of the Year and can give you fresh ideas for your home.

Lay Down a Floor Rug

Floor rugs are a perfect way to transform your space. You can readily add color, texture, and patterns to suit any new style. They can also make larger living rooms cozy by closing in a space. So if you’ve felt a bit lost in your room lately, create a more intimate feel with a floor rug. 

Embrace Lighting

There is nothing better than brightening up your home with more lighting to make your living room feel new and fresh. Tall floor lamps are ideal for filling empty corners, while table lamps can add style and elegance to your living room suite.

Create a Focal Point With a Media Center 

Change up the focal point in your living room with a new media center. You can opt to have your TV on show with a low cabinet that includes extra storage for your entertainment accessories or create a grand display with a full wall cabinet. The benefit of our large media centers is the ability to shut the TV away behind doors and display décor and family treasures on the open shelving. 

Make a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a perfect way to refresh your room while displaying your favorite family photos or artistic pictures. There is no right or wrong way to hang your frames, but we recommend starting with your largest print and then working the others around this central piece. Of course, you don’t just have to stick to photos and prints; you can include other wall features such as mirrors, plates, baskets, and more.

Incorporate Texture

You can reflect change and welcome the new year by incorporating texture into your living space. Whether that’s through your sofa fabric selection, magazine basket, coffee-table materials, or throw blanket, there are various ways you can include texture without overwhelming your room.

Updating Your Living Room With Ideas From Home Zone Furniture

With our vast selection of ideas, you can refresh and update your living room with as many or as few changes as you desire. We have a wide range of living room furniture, including sofas, sectionals, love seats, coffee tables, media centers, and side tables to suit a range of styles. You can also carry out an effortless new year living room refresh with our various décor and accent pieces

Visit your local Home Zone store to browse all our options or shop online for more ideas and furniture delivery. You can also contact our friendly team with any questions. 

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