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How to get the bedroom of your dreams

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

You don’t need to know a lot about feng shui to know when a room just feels a little bit “off.” You walk in and something’s not right. Maybe the first thing you notice is the back of a couch, or the pictures are hung too high.

Let’s make sure your bedroom, which should be one of the most relaxing rooms in your home, has the qualities that make it feel “just right.” Here are my simple rules for arranging furniture in your bedroom to achieve the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Start big.

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, so you’ll want to start there when rearranging. Stand at the door to the room and look for the walls where your bed could go. Consider the view from the door and the view from your bed. Think about the windows and the path from the door to the bed and from the bed to the bathroom. You probably have a couple of choices here. See what works best; play around!

Add softness.

A rug in a favorite hue is a great way to add texture, softness and a pop of color to your bedroom retreat, without committing to repainting or buying all new linens.

Focus up.

What’s your favorite thing in the room? It can be a beautiful item, the view or just your favorite spot. Whether it’s a piece of art, the bed itself or a wall of windows, make that the focal point. When you walk into the room, that’s where the focus should be. So highlight it with color, location or décor.

Size matters.

We’re talking about the size of the bedroom itself here. If your bedroom is large, make sure you have enough furniture of the right scale to fill it nicely or it will seem to swallow everything in it. If the bedroom is small, don’t fill it up with too much clutter. Keep colors airy and furniture light to help the space feel larger than it is.

Look up.

Window and ceiling heights can create optical illusions if you know the tricks. Mount your curtain rods above the top of your windows to create the illusion of height. Use lighter colors (or even blue to mimic sky) on the ceiling to make them appear taller, or darker colors to bring super-high ceilings down a bit for a cozier feel.

Unplug that tube.

Lastly, a controversial tip: Leave the TV outside. Bedrooms are for two things: sleeping and, well, I’ll let you figure out the other thing. Did I say watching TV? Nope. They say couples do the other two things better when there’s no TV to tempt them. So try giving your TV the boot and see if you sleep better. I think it’s worth a try, don’t you?

Now off you go; rearrange your bedroom today and wake up to a better tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!


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