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How to Choose the Right Dining Room Furniture for Your Home

As one of the easier rooms in your home to decorate, the dining room requires minimal furniture and follows a simple design process. However, to ensure that the space is inviting and comfortable, you must select the right dining table and chairs to suit your lifestyle and interior decor. If you’re ready to upgrade your space or thinking about changing the shape of your dining table, our guide can help you maintain functionality while expressing your style. 

Measure Your Space 

The size of your dining room table should suit your purpose. However, you also want to ensure it fits in the provided space. Be sure to measure your room and select a table that is suitable and usable within that area. You should leave a minimum of 42 inches between the table and wall so that your diners have plenty of room to pull out their chair and sit. A table that is too large for the space can make the room appear cluttered and overwhelming.

Even if you rarely entertain or if only a few people live with you at home, you should still consider filling the space with appropriately sized furniture. Placing a small round table with four chairs in a dining room that is made to accommodate eight seats can make your room look empty and uninviting. Ensure that you maintain balance and enhance the atmosphere of your room by placing a table that complements the room size. 

Choose the Right Shape

Choosing the ideal table shape for your dining room depends on the primary use of your space. A long rectangular table is a traditional option and is suitable for hosting large family dinners. This shape is ideal if you have a long narrow space or when you want to divide an open-plan living area into separate zones. They are also perfect for fitting out a formal dining area. However, if you want a softer look, then consider a classic oval shape as an alternative option. 

Square tables can create an intimate dining experience, yet they are best suited to small or square rooms. You can enjoy having your dinner guests seated an equal distance apart and, if necessary, place a lazy Susan in the center of the table so that guests can easily reach platters and condiments. A round table such as our Market style is the perfect dining table for smaller spaces where you want to maintain a cozy and intimate ambiance. The smaller footprint can work well in breakfast nooks, open-concept living areas or a dining space in your kitchen with a pedestal table to seat more guests when desired. 

Consider How You’ll Use the Space

Ensure that you select a dining suite that allows your family or guests to sit comfortably with ample elbow room. If you regularly host dinner parties or have a large family, you can maximize your space by changing out your chairs with a stylish bench. This seating can free up more space in your dining room, and you can easily store it under the table. A dining table that seats eight is ideal for large families as you can seat everyone simultaneously and enjoy a meal together. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, you should consider an extendable table that you can adjust to suit your requirements. For example, you can keep it small during the week then enlarge the table for weekend dinner parties or holiday feasts.

A table with soft edges, such as a round or oval shape, makes a safer option for families as you remove the chance of children bumping into any sharp edges. If you live alone or don’t use your dining space often, consider furnishing your room with a smaller table and other accent pieces such as a cabinet. This setup gives you the option of inviting people over for dinner without having a large table mainly going unused.

Choose Your Material

You can select the ideal dining furniture to suit your lifestyle as there are various designs made from different materials, including wood, metal, glass and laminate. Families with young kids can benefit from veneer or wooden tables that are easy to clean yet still look stylish. Rather than selecting a white table, you may want to consider a wood pattern in a darker shade that can easily hide marks and matching chairs that feature vinyl or wooden seating for easy cleaning. 

Glass tables are ideal in a small or dark apartment as they let the light travel through the top and make your space feel brighter and airier. Alternatively, a table with white trim, such as our Monticello suite, can also lighten your room. A solid wood table, similar to our Palmer style, is a timeless option that provides a warm and welcoming aesthetic, suits different interior décor and is long-lasting. For a more traditional vibe or formal dining room, select a wooden table in rich, dark colors, such as seen in our Magnolia table, which also features carved legs. 

Match Your Style

When you’ve decided on the shape and material you desire, consider your interior theme and other furniture styles already in your space. While you may love country farmhouse tables, rustic dining room furniture will look out of place if your home has a contemporary theme. Think about table styles that will complement your lighting or room decor. You can also get tables with matching chairs and other furniture such as a server or cabinet so that you can keep to one theme in your home. 

Find Your New Dining Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

We have an extensive range of dining room furniture with various styles so that you can select the ideal shape, material, size and theme to suit your home. You can browse our range in person at your nearest Home Zone store and online or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more ideas about furnishing your dining room.

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