How to create a cozy bedroom

how to create a cozy bedroom

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Hibernation season is here! Before your schedule becomes packed with holiday celebrations and trips to the airport to pick up houseguests, take time to recharge. Brew a cup of tea, pull on your favorite socks and turn your bedroom into the ultimate cozy lair. But beware—with just a few adjustments and tended-to details, you’ll never want to leave!

Color Palette

An easy way to adjust the mood of a room is with color. By eliminating harsh colors or aggressive prints, you’ll be one step closer to a sweet dream-inducing bedroom. Neutrals such as white, gray, beige and earth tones are a visual reminder to slow down and relax. Mixing shades of neutrals creates a particularly soothing effect. Even better? These soft tones are appropriate year round!


Of course there are the obvious necessities for bedroom furniture, but a few additions can go a long way. A tufted headboard is a good choice because unlike metal or wood, an upholstered material will absorb the cold rather than reflect it. A serene bedroom is simple, even minimal, but consider what other furniture might be useful. A bench at the end of the bed is a nice place to sit down to put your shoes on in the morning. If you have the space, a comfy armchair in the corner is a great place to lay your clothes out for the next day and can double as a reading nook. If you don’t already have one, a bedside table is a must. This is where you can set your cup of tea or keep your must-read books.


The bed is the star of any cozy bedroom, so make it the centerpiece it deserves to be! The most inviting bed is always the bed that is made. Take the extra two minutes in the morning to tuck in your sheets and fluff your pillows—it’ll make a huge difference in your mood when you come home after a long day. A down comforter is a must-have, especially in the winter, and don’t forget a few extra pillows! Add a heavy quilt at the end of your bed for a little extra color. This quilt or blanket can also act as an extra layer on cold nights.


What’s the worst way to start the morning? Bare feet on a cold floor. A cozy bedroom should have a large area rug—or two! Place a smaller rug, such as a sheepskin or shag rug, directly at your bedside so you can start your day on a warm note. Layered rugs will help maintain heat throughout the room and add visual texture, too.


Curtains are hibernation essentials. Not only do they block out light, but they also muffle outside sounds so you can sleep as late into the morning as you please. Similarly to the rugs underfoot, curtains will also keep the cold air at bay. Choose a heavy fabric such as brocade to keep you and the room snug.


Last but not least, an inviting bedroom isn’t complete without mood lighting. Install a dimmer on your overhead light to get soft light whenever you please without the fuss of candles. A few strands of Christmas lights can also be hung in neat, decorative ways around your headboard to get the same romantic glow. Lastly, replace bulbs in your bedside table lamps with the soft white variety for the ultimate hibernation space.



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