How to Increase Storage Space in Every Room of Your Home

Everyone can benefit from having more storage in their home, even if it’s only adding a magazine rack in your living room to clear the clutter off your coffee table. Whether your home has one closet, a tiny kitchen and dining area, or an awkward bedroom layout, you can maximize your small space. Consider incorporating multi-functional furniture, rearranging your room or adding smaller storage solutions such as a narrow bookcase or slim sideboard. Your home can look and feel the way you desire with our creative and stylish storage tips.


Your bedroom should be your oasis where you go to sleep, relax or lie on a cozy bed and read a book. The last thing you want to be thinking about is where you’re going to store out of season clothes, sports gear or excess shoes. A bed with built-in drawers such as our Hempstead style can easily increase your bedroom storage space. It allows you to use the area under your bed that would otherwise not be utilized. 

Alternatively, if you have knick knacks and souvenirs that you want to display without adding more furniture to your space, consider a bed that has shelving similar to our Latham bed

You can also increase your storage in small bedrooms, especially kids’ rooms, by adding a chest of drawers to the closet. Consider furniture that sits up off the ground to make the space feel larger or if your room doesn’t have a wardrobe, add in a versatile piece of furniture such as our Deana wardrobe, which includes both drawers and shelves.

Living Room

Your living room gets the most traffic in your home. Since it’s a space that gets shared by everyone, it’s not hard for this area to get taken over with clutter. Multi-functional furniture such as ottomans and media centers are ideal for holding gaming accessories, remotes, books and magazines. You can easily access what you require or hide it away when you’re entertaining guests. 

Coffee tables with drawers is another way to maximize storage in your living room. Our Harper coffee table features a built-in drawer and an under-table storage shelf giving you two options for storing your accessories. You can place stylish home decor or your most used items on the lower shelf while filling the drawer with smaller things that you can easily misplace. If you don’t want to fill the middle of your living room with a coffee table, place an occasional table or small bookcase to the side of your room. You can proudly display your favorite books and prized possessions or hide your living room accessories in a cupboard, drawer or in a stylish basket on the shelf.


If you have a small kitchen with limited storage, you can optimize your shelf space by storing similar items in labeled baskets. Alternatively, a counter height dining table works well in an open plan kitchen and dining spaces as you can use the tabletop as another preparation area. We have a range of counter-height dining suites that feature drawers for storing your plates and utensils, or you can enjoy the easy storage and convenience of a table with a built-in wine rack

Home Theater

Rather than hanging your TV on the wall and wondering where you’re going to put your other accessories, an entertainment console is an ideal storage solution as it can house everything you want and more in one stylish furniture piece. You can opt for a media center that allows you to close off the television when not in use, one that has plenty of open shelf storage or select a smaller cabinet that provides you with numerous drawers for storing remotes and games. By maximizing your storage in one moderate piece of furniture, you can prevent cluttering your small media room with several different storage consoles.

Dining Room 

There is no fun in hunting through cupboards trying to find the perfect dish or table setting just as your dinner guests are arriving. One downside of small spaces is trying to fit more things into less storage space, so we recommend incorporating a sideboard or server cabinet into your dining room. You can store excess plates, dishes, candles, place mats and more in an easily accessible cabinet. The top of a stylish buffet can also work as another surface for serving drinks or storing glasses. If you want to showcase some of your fine china or crystal, look for a server with open shelving and cupboards, or use your sentimental items as decor on top of your buffet. 

Find Storage Solutions at Home Zone Furniture

We have a wide range of stylish furniture so that you can increase your storage in every room of your home. Whether you want to incorporate more storage into your bedroom with drawers under the bed, add shelving to your dining room with a multi-functional table or hide away the accessories in your living room, we have something to suit your storage and style requirements. Shop our range of items online, visit your nearest Home Zone store or contact our friendly team for more advice about increasing your home’s storage space.

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