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3 Piece Table Set: Best Placement in Your Home

3-Piece Table Set - Best Placement in Your Home by Home Zone Furniture

A 3-piece table set is an ideal solution for multiple areas in your home, including the living-, family-, home theatre or dining room. These coordinated sets can help give your home a polished, cohesive look, add a touch of style, and provide important functions. Here is some helpful information on choosing the right set for your space and getting the most out of your furniture.

Measure Your Room 

Before purchasing any new furniture, it’s essential to measure your space. Two measurements matter here:

  • The size of the room from wall to wall. You need to know how long and wide the space is to get a feel for how large your furniture can be. 
  • The immediate space where you want to place the furniture. You should also make sure that your furniture will fit where you want to put it. For example, be sure that there aren’t any windows or doors in the way and that the furniture won’t block walkways. 

Once you have these numbers, check them against the dimensions of the furniture you’re considering and double check that there is no conflict with sizing. 

Measure Large Pieces of Furniture in Your Room 

Besides measuring your space, it’s also necessary to measure any pieces of large furniture in the room. For example, if you purchase a 3-piece living room table set, you’ll want to measure the sofa, TV stand, and any other large pieces in the room. These numbers can help give you an idea of how much space you have for your new furniture. You want to make sure there will still be plenty of room to walk around the furniture and stretch out your legs when sitting on it. 

Determine the Purpose of Your Furniture

Whether your tables will be used as decoration or for more daily use, you’ll need to consider their purpose when determining where to place them. For example, a 3-piece dining set may be used only once in a while, while a 3-piece living room table set may be used every day by multiple people. Once you know your furniture’s intended purpose, you can make more informed decisions about what type, what size, what materials, and so on you want to buy. 

Consider the Flow of Your Room

Regardless of the type of table set you’re purchasing, take care when deciding where to place it. Always consider the flow of the room, being sure not to cut off entry and exit points or block walkways through the room. Whether you live alone or with just one other person, keep in mind that you’ll need more space when you have guests. If you aren’t sure how much space you’ll need, it’s best to err on the side of too much. A crowded room can be frustrating and uncomfortable, while one with good flow and lots of open space can be aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Create Balance in Your Living Room

If you want your home or office to have a cohesive, stylish look, it’s important to create visual balance. One thing to consider is your focal point. Establish a place where the eye will naturally land – this can be a fireplace, a sofa, or even your tables themselves. Then, choose furniture that is the appropriate scale for the room to complement your focal point. The room also needs at least one center point. In a dining room, for example, the center point may be your 3-piece dining set, and then you can fill out the room with a rug, some lovely curtains, and perhaps a sideboard and some flowers. Vary the heights of the pieces in the room and balance bold pieces with more muted pieces to avoid overwhelming the space. 

Find Your 3 Piece Table Sets at Home Zone Furniture

At Home Zone, we offer a wide range of furniture for your home or office, including living room collections, bedroom sets, dining room furniture, and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a 3-piece dining set or a 3-piece table set for your living room, you can find it here. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and brands to find your perfect match. Express your exquisite taste with a set such as our X Squared, Hemingway, or St. James Light Pine, to name just a few. We are a family-owned furniture manufacturer and retailer based in the DFW area with locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Yet, we still give our customers the personal attention and care that they deserve. If you have any questions about our products or would like advice about achieving a particular theme, feel free to contact us.

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