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Add Light and Improve Your Home by Styling with Floor Lamps

Ceiling and wall lighting and a well-placed floor or table lamp add light and warmth to all home spaces, including living, dining, workrooms, bedrooms, passageways, kitchens and outdoor areas. 

However, statement pieces and intentional and creative styling with floor lamps can also add interest, beauty and consistency to your interior design aesthetic.    

Where to Place Floor Lamps 

While a table lamp usually requires a raised surface for display and use, floor lamps offer stand-alone versatility. This free-standing lighting option is perfect for most indoor lighting requirements. They are also ideal for awkward corners, window spaces and outdoor areas — any unused floor space that needs brightening. Here are some of our favorite floor lamp placement tips and ideas:

Next to Furniture for Added Light

Much like a table lamp, a floor lamp is multi-purpose. So, place it next to your furniture to provide light. For example, position your free-standing light next to your accent chair, sofa, desk or bed. In addition, with symmetry essential in interior design, consider matching pairs for consoles, sideboards and beds. This option is ideal for a modern, minimalist look in your space, practical yet offering a sleek and uncluttered effect. 

Remember to tailor lighting to the space, using a softer, more ambient light in bedrooms and living spaces and brighter illumination in workspaces such as kitchens, studies, studios and garages. Use an adjustable or swing arm floor lamp for more targeted, directional lighting for reading purposes. Adjustable or dimmable options are universally suitable. 

Add Light to a Dark Corner with a Floor Lamp

Passageways, entrance ways, outdoor areas and neglected corners often have no side tables and are dimmer. 

Floor lamps add brightness and atmosphere to these less decorated spots and help make the most of potentially appealing spaces.

Floor Lamps Make Great Accent Pieces

Beyond adding essential light for living, working or playing, elegant or eye-catching floor lamps can represent an accent piece on their own. 

Trending in 2022 are lamps with focal and structural designs, from extravagant to elegant in style, including cottage core to contemporary looks. Make your floor lamp a feature piece with bold shapes, tinted glass or unusual textures. Adding color to spaces is in this season, with eccentric pairings — think mismatched shades and bases. 

In addition, consider industrial designs and metal components for a confident accent piece, or pair the unexpected with the more traditional. By choosing visually unique and appealing items, your lamp serves as an art piece, stylishly completing your design aesthetic even when not switched on.

Hence, while adequate and thoughtfully placed lighting is crucial for practical use and enjoyment of living spaces, cleverly chosen and positioned floor lamps can offer much more than illumination. 

Choosing the Right Style of Floor Lamp

With numerous floor lamp styles available, it may be overwhelming to decide on the best option for your space. However, before deciding, first consider where you want to put the lamp, what its purpose will be and the surrounding interior decor: 

  • Purpose: The best floor lamp for reading or working spaces is a hanging, arched or swing arm floor lamp to protect your eyes with adequate brightness. In contrast, for enhancing the atmosphere in a living or bedroom, the best floor lamp style should offer a broader, more diffuse light to add a warm, soft ambiance. Finally, for adding impact as an art or statement item, the lighting effect is less significant than the floor lamp’s design.  
  • Place: Where you position your floor lamp is vital to decision-making. You’ll need to consider the size of the space available and its proximity to power points. Also, consider the height of accompanying furniture to ensure the height of your floor lamp is appropriate and practical for reading, working or highlighting other décor or art pieces. When lighting corners and darker areas, ensure the lamp is large enough to provide adequate illumination.   
  • Décor: For pairing with softer décor, choose rounder, more organic or textured shapes and materials, such as wood, fabrics and molded bases. In contrast, choose a modern floor lamp when pairing with edgy, more defined forms. Consider an industrial design, and for consistency and impact, opt for materials such as burnished steel or industrial bronze. When choosing a floor lamp primarily as décor or the space’s main focus, ensure the style gels with the surroundings, complementing the décor or contrasting for effect.

With a plethora of styles and materials available for every purpose, theme and room in the house, finding the perfect floor lamp for your space should be straightforward.

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