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How to add a touch of Texas to your home’s decor

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Like most Texans, I’m proud of my state. From Dallas’ world-class arts district to Austin’s colorful individualism to the picturesque grasslands in between, Texas is home to a host of unique people and landscapes. And everyone can agree that Texans possess a very clear sense of style, and we’re not just talking about bejeweled belt buckles and 10-gallon cowboy hats. Texas style is, at its heart, a product of the untamed and hardy people who settled here.

Whether you’re born and raised Texan or got here as fast as you could, apply these tips to your interior décor to pay tribute to our great state.


Everyone knows the saying: “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Apply this sentiment to your home and you’ll quickly see Texas evident in your decor.

Our state is known for its ranch-style homes, characterized by spacious layouts and large, open rooms. Even if you don’t have a huge house, you can achieve the same oversized feeling with large-scale furniture and plenty of open spaces. For instance, making an oversized couch the focal point of your family room leaves the rest of the space relatively unoccupied. Create the feeling of openness in your kitchen with exposed shelving to hold your cast-iron cookware or to house your array of colorful spices.

Incorporating Texas into your home shouldn’t compromise its functionality and the way your family uses the space. Study how your family moves in and out of the rooms in your home and plan your furniture placement accordingly. Don’t be stuck with too little or overwhelmed by too much.


For a home that exudes Texas charm, stick with a color palette that reflects the landscape of the Lone Star State. Consider a buttermilk white desk or a sage green armchair, and don’t be afraid to use a few punches of accent color here and there. A throw blanket, pillows or even picture frames in red or blue tones give a nod to the state flag without being too overt.

A star motif can also be strategically scattered throughout your home as long as the color is considered. For an understated Texas touch, avoid red or blue stars. A few ways to incorporate stars without being over the top is through small accessories. Hang a star in a neutral color similar to the wall on a gallery wall highlighted by an eclectic mix of other items such as picture frames and mirrors for visual interest.


Perhaps my favorite way to incorporate Texas style into a home is through texture. Texas doesn’t have just one signature texture per se, but this just opens the door to an interesting mix. A true Texan is bold enough to pair distressed wood cabinets with metal pendant fixtures and cozy upholstered furniture. The goal is to use a combination of textures to create an environment that feels warm, inviting and lived-in.

A tried-and-true way to create Texas texture is to bring the outdoors in. Hang a set of antlers on the wall as a hat rack (cowboy hat optional), and scatter desert plants such as succulents throughout the house. To pull the earth tones and natural textures throughout the home, try something as easy as placing a bird feather or two on assorted surfaces.

Here’s to the Lone Star State!


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