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Baby-Proofing Tips for New Parents

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Has the stork recently paid a visit to your home? As you settle in at home with your new bundle of joy, it might be hard to believe that soon, he or she will mobile and looking to get into some trouble. As a mother myself, I can tell you from experience that this happens in the blink of an eye!

Along with late nights, early mornings, and the exhausting joy of parenthood comes the mighty task of baby-proofing your home. Even if your baby is still a newborn, it’s never too early to start protecting them from potential household dangers. Follow these 10 tips, and your home will be safe for a growing baby in no time!

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Put up baby gates

If you have stairs or any room rife with sharp edges and other hazards, block it off with a baby gate. In this day and age, baby gates come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that will blend seamlessly with your decor.

Cover electrical outlets

Protect little ones from electrical shock by covering all electrical outlets within reach. You never know when they might stick a finger or toy in!

Add covers to sharp corners

The sharp corners of tables are often at head height for toddlers once they get on their feet. Cover up sharp corners to prevent any head bumps.

Cover the bath faucet

Bath time is all fun and games until someone slips and hits their head on the faucet. Make sure that never happens by placing a colorful kid-friendly cover on the bathtub faucet.

Anchor large furniture

You never know when large furniture might fall or collapse. Take the right precautions and all anchor furniture to the wall.

Cover knobs

Whether you like it or not, your child will be opening doors in no time. Keep kids out of your home office and other places they shouldn’t be with door knob covers.

Install a toilet lock

The bathroom is a toddler hotspot for trouble. You never know what they might catapult into the toilet or how many times they’ll flush for fun. Protect your bathroom against a flooding disaster by installing a toilet seat lid lock. You’ll be happy you did!

Put latches on drawers and cabinets

From the medicine cabinet to the kitchen drawers, protect your baby from the hazards that lurk in your everyday go-tos. Odds are, if your little one sees you going to a certain place repeatedly, they’ll want to try as well.

Secure the fireplace

You don’t want junior making a mess with any remaining fireplace soot or injuring themselves on a fireplace accessory. Physically barricade the fireplace using a sturdy, weighted fire screen.

Adjust draperies and blinds

Long drapes and blinds are just asking to be tugged on. As your baby grows, adjust low-hanging window treatments so they are out of reach. Don’t forget to cut any looped cords so your baby doesn’t get tangled up in them!

Once you’ve checked these tasks off your list, you’ll be able to relax (even just for a little bit) and enjoy the new addition to the family!


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