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The Beginner’s Guide To Interior Design

As a homeowner, the starting point to creating the space you envision is to decide on an artistic direction. Although this depends mostly on personal preference (or whether you’re able to hire an interior designer for guidance), one should consider interior design tips to create a comfortable and harmonious space. In this guide, we will look at how professionals approach their decorating projects that, over and above aesthetics, includes space planning to create beautiful yet functional areas.

Beginners Guide For Interior Design by Home Zone Furniture

Determine Your Style

Whether you’re inspired by shabby chic interior design, which is both cosmopolitan and homely, or the gravitas and opulence of old-world decorating, you will have to decide on how you want to fashion your home. Although you could decide on different styles for various rooms or may even choose to incorporate elements from different designs, it’s important to begin with the end in mind to work towards a well-considered and balanced look. These are some of the options available: 

  • Classic: The characteristics of this style are curved lines and intricately designed furniture. You will most likely find chandeliers in this type of home featuring high ceilings.
  • Contemporary/modern: This type of design is more linear, where it’s not uncommon to find modular furniture. 
  • Rustic: Wooden finishes and furniture are characteristic of this style often used in country homes.
  • Industrial: Homes with this influence features textures that one would find in a factory, such as brick and cement, where details include metal fixtures like copper or bronze. 
  • Minimalist: If you prefer to have only the essentials in your home, the characteristics of this style are clean lines, neutral tones and above all, bare spaces. 
  • Eclectic: In contrast to the above, this interior design style features bright and bold colors, where mixing and matching shapes and different design elements make this type of decor stand out the most. 

Layout and Placement

When designing your personal space, it’s important to consider the arrangement of furniture to create balance. Creating symmetry in a room is not only pleasing to the eye but creates a sense of order that makes the space serene. For example, you could create a central focal point to highlight a specific feature, such as a fireplace around which to arrange furniture.

Wall art is another area of emphasis and presents an excellent opportunity to express your predilections. 

Furniture Choice

If you’re furnishing your home from scratch (and depending on your budget), the most essential pieces to consider are a sofa and bed. Because these items will last the longest, it’s important that you invest in quality products, ideally made from solid wood and crafted for strength. When complemented with a mattress made to exceptional standards, you’re also investing in your health. 

The next pieces of furniture to consider are your dining room table and chairs to enjoy the company of your family and create lasting memories. 


Your choice of style will determine the color scheme of the rooms in your home where, for example, you may have opted for a natural palette to create a calming effect. Color brings your design elements together and matching colors, even of different shades, brings consistency to a space.  

Having neutral-colored furniture allows you to create different moods for different seasons by alternating the colors of accents such as cushions, rugs and curtains.  


Now that you’ve determined the style that you want to decorate your home in, it’s time to consider the light fixtures you want to install not just to illuminate your space but to create a mood and provide depth to your decor. We offer contemporary lamps such as the brushed steel arc floor lamp or the Chase floor lamp with a more classic silhouette. Depending on the space you have available, you have the option of placing a floor lamp next to a sofa by an armchair.

You can use table lamps to complement the style you’ve chosen and play a part in determining the atmosphere of a room. For example, the Tessa table lamp is ideal for an eclectic aesthetic because it introduces texture to your space.


Accents are the final touches needed to perfect your desired look, where embellishing your space with items such as wall art, mirrors and ornaments will complete your labor of love. Planters and candle holders, for example, add the opportunity to add design elements that will bring your home to life with candles and plants.

Find the Perfect Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

We offer exclusive furniture at cost-effective prices, making quality, timeless pieces accessible to everyone. Whether you’re looking for lavish loveseats or the cool comfort of a recliner, we have living room collections to match your sense of style. 

You also have the option of purchasing singular items or collections such as our 3-piece bed, dresser, mirror and nightstand ensemble or dining room sets. Whether your taste is rustic or modern, our dedicated team is here to make your domestic dreams a reality. 

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