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Your Guide to Choosing Pet-Friendly Furniture

Treating your loving pet as part of the family might mean reconsidering your furniture selection. Whether your cuddly companion loves to snuggle on the couch with you in the evenings or tries to get your attention by chewing on the legs of your dining chair, selecting pet-friendly furniture can reduce the chances of serious damage like rips, tears, stains, and scratches appearing on your couch, dining suite, and other sets. Though no furniture is completely pet-proof, taking care to incorporate durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean fabrics into your home can save you a lot of headaches.

Pet-Friendly Fabric

The last thing you want to be doing at the end of the day is trying to desperately remove pet hair from your couches or sewing holes that get left behind from your pet’s claws or nails. So, what is the best pet-friendly furniture fabric to help you avoid this extra work? The most suitable pet-friendly furniture fabrics are leather and microfiber

Leather furniture is an ideal choice for pet owners, as it doesn’t attract fur or pet hair. You can easily wipe away any dirt left behind by muddy paws, and minor cat scratches will only add to the aging patina look of the couch. For a more affordable option, go with a pleather couch that offers similar benefits. 

For a softer, more modern look in your living room, choose a sofa that is finished with microfiber fabric. The synthetic, pet-friendly furniture fabric is more resistant to rips and scratches, and you can freely remove pet hair by swiping the fabric with your hands, using a lint roller, or running the vacuum cleaner. If your playful pal leaves any stains, you can quickly remove them with mild soap and water. 

In general, you’ll want to select furniture with tight weaves to prevent claws and nails from catching on fabric loops, and they are also less likely to trap allergens from pet dander and hair. 

Sturdy Furniture Frames

Pet-friendly living room furniture that is difficult for your pet to destroy includes solidly constructed sofas, metal table legs, and closed cabinets that can hide your treasures. We know that dogs love to chew on things, so to prevent them from attacking your dining chairs when they get bored of their favorite toys, consider a dining set with metal frames. These designs look stylish in any home, and a few nibbles from a furry friend won’t change the integrity of the construction.

Look for sturdy bed frames and couches that can handle being jumped on by your dog, especially if they are on the larger side. A couch with a fully finished back and sides gives your furniture added strength and support. Other features, such as removable or reversible cushions, can increase the durability of your couch, as you can prevent dents from occurring in your pet’s favorite spot, and you can also wash the covers to remove stains and odors. 

Coordinated Colors

You love your pet and family members, so both should feel comfortable in the same shared space, which is why incorporating furniture that everyone can enjoy is essential. Though you may want to select a couch that complements your walls or carpet, consider coordinating the color with your pet. For example, if your pet has white hair, consider lighter furniture such as soft gray. If your pet’s fur is darker, select a couch with charcoal or brown tones. 

You should also be aware that darker colors are better at hiding stains and dirt. If you love lighter-color furniture yet know that your pet’s hair will show, throw a soft, stylish blanket on the end so your pet can sit in peace without you worrying about him leaving fur or dirt behind. Consider using the same color selection method when choosing pet-friendly patio furniture.

Slip-Proof Floors

Further pet-proof your home by ensuring your animals won’t slip or slide on the floor. To do this, invest in quality trendy rugs that can handle a bit of scratching and general wear and tear. Antique-inspired rugs are perfect for pet-loving family homes, as new scratches from animal claws will blend in with the worn appearance of the floor coverings. Rugs with small patterns and dark tones can hide stains better than those that are solid colors or decorated with wide-print patterns. Though a soft, fluffy rug is a cozy spot enticing your cat to curl up and nap, it also invites her to dig in her claws, which can get caught in the loops. Instead, opt for a low-pile rug that looks just as stylish yet is more durable with pets around.

Find Pet-Friendly Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

For the best pet-friendly furniture, you can get stylish, comfortable, and quality pieces to suit your home décor and lifestyle with our extensive range of bedroom, living room, and dining room sets. For assistance finding the perfect couch or dining set to suit your requirements, contact our friendly team or visit your local Home Zone store and browse our affordable range of pet-friendly furniture brands. 

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