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Home decor design swaps for the new year

design tips for 2016

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January is the perfect time of year to give your home a style makeover. Whether you’re eliminating unused furniture, changing your window hangings or buying some new home accessories, even the smallest design edits can refresh your space for the new year. Use these five decor swaps to ensure you’re on trend for 2016!

Industrial vs. Midcentury

2015 was dominated by a minimalist, industrial style—think sharp angles, cool tones and unfinished textures. This year’s aesthetic is leaning more midcentury. Exchange cold metallics for warmer tones, and choose rounded, curvilinear shapes over sharp, unfriendly lines. For those of us with a house full of kids, an updated midcentury style is also family-friendly. And what’s better than a home that’s both stylish and functional?

Mirrored vs. Natural

Mirrored surfaces have been hugely popular the past few years. Not only do they add glamorous, feminine touches to a room, but mirrors also create the illusion of space in even the smallest of rooms. While mirrored everything was certainly an attractive trend, 2016 shelves this aesthetic in favor of inviting natural textures. By all means, keep mirrors where they are useful—bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc.—but nix the decorative mirrored furniture where you’re able. Replace the reflective surface with dark wood or other natural finishes for a chicer, more contemporary choice.

Copper vs. Gold 

If you were browsing home décor blogs in 2015, you know that last year’s must-have was copper. We saw copper show up on everything from lighting fixtures to accent tables. However after a year in the spotlight, many designers are swapping copper for gold! Gold can be incorporated easily into any style and offers a sophisticated look. Use gold in everything from rugs to kitchen faucets.

Whitewashed vs. Dramatic Color

In keeping with this year’s retro, midcentury leanings, dramatic accent colors and interesting color combinations are also on trend. In 2016, opt for bold tones inspired by minerals and polished geodes, as well as daring, dark hues. If you’ve ever wanted to pair a midnight blue accent wall with a kelly green couch, 2016 is the time to do it! Not ready for that kind of commitment? Start small with gold-trimmed black throw pillows or a bright red armchair.

Chevron Stripes vs. Floral Print

I think we can all agree that chevron stripes have overstayed their welcome. Swap this geometric print for big, bright florals for a stylish 2016. Flowered prints work in any space, from the living room to bedrooms to bathrooms. But in order to keep florals from looking too juvenile or overly feminine, I suggest going with a dark background and a larger print for a modern feel and maximum visual impact.

What home décor trends are you most looking forward to trying (or letting go of) in 2016?


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