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How to Style Your Home In The Winter

You can give your home a winter facelift without undertaking a major, expensive renovation. We at Home Zone have inspiring ideas that do not require a great deal of time and will not break the bank. You want textures that feel smooth and luxurious against the skin, soft colors that caress the senses, gentle scents, lighting that creates a warm, homey ambiance, and decor that brings Thanksgiving and Christmas joy into the family circle. Decorative elements may include hints from nature, such as bare branches with fairy lights, wreaths, twigs, garlands, wood stacked next to the fireplace and pinecones inside a vintage container.

How to Style Your Home by Home Zone Furniture

Cozy Blankets & Pillows 

Start by selecting generously textured pillows, rugs, coverlets or throw blankets to add a snug feel to a sofa or easy chair where you can curl up with a book and a hot drink in a large mug. Warm and soften your living room or bedroom. We have beautifully textured, patterned, woven wool and cotton pillows such as the Amelia, Claudia, Miranda and Renata. Select accessories that bring a sense of luxury to your rooms. 

Discover our chunky double-knit throws in grey and blush, lush faux cashmere blankets in taupe, navy, yellow and grey, and our comfortable cotton knits. Drape coverlets over your bed or seating to change your decor effortlessly yet instantly while creating a spot where you can snuggle in bliss.

Natural Elements

You do not normally connect winter with gardening, but you may consider bringing a few touches reminiscent of nature into your living space when it is cold and dreary outside. Consider clippings of blue spruce or holly and a pot or two containing indoor plants such as succulents and cacti. We supply a potted dudelya succulent, faux boxwood topiary balls and wall art representing ferns and colorful flowers to liven up your living or dining room. The sight of greenery reduces psychological stress when it is foggy and grey outside.

Wooden accents, poufs, plus woven baskets filled with berry branches, ornamental grasses or dry foliage will bring both the natural world and atmosphere inside to brighten up the winter, as will a topiary or tied bundles of fresh herbs from the produce bin at the grocery store.


You do not need a fireplace to make a room cozier. Clustering candles together on your buffet or coffee table will add a beautiful glow and ambiance to your quarters and adding one or more festive candles to the arrangement of natural elements will create a stunning picture. It is almost impossible to outdo the warm feeling soft candlelight provides, particularly when it spreads winter aromas throughout your home.

Liven up your dwelling with winter candle fragrances such as fir, sandalwood, cedar, pine, sage, balsam and other scents that invigorate the senses. We offer a range of candle holders in different styles — from classic to modern to boho — that will contribute to the beauty of your lighting.

Soft Colors

Different colors create different feelings in people. They have a psychological effect that can make us feel sad, happy, irritable, or relaxed, depending on our cultural background and biological conditioning. Designers may view orange, yellow, and red as warm colors that heighten emotions such as anger, joy, passion and love, while they link cool colors — purple, green and blue — to calmness, sadness, or indifference. Colors affect all of us differently.

You may prefer soft colors during the winter months, and we present a selection of beautifully tinted blankets, pillows and other accessories. Discover our muted shades such as ivory, coral, champagne, dusky pink, peach and tan; to mahogany brown tones, the grey range, black, sky blue to turquoise, aqua, indigo, classic blue and navy; shades of purple, velvet green, spicy reds, yellows, gold, amber and orange. Our options compare to the on-trend 2021 colors exceptionally well.

Holiday Decor

Why not spruce up your Thanksgiving home decor with some of our products this year? Discover our fall decor, wall embellishments and the other appropriate decorations you can add to any room in your home to celebrate the bounty and beauty of the season.

You may consider using our ceramic, timber, gold, brass or green glass leaf embossed vases. Add dried — or bright — leaves, berries, flowers, pampas grass or bare branches covered in vibrantly colored paper leaves, paired with our artichoke tea light candles. Put them on the fireplace mantel, coffee table, sideboard or bathroom countertop to create a warm, autumnal atmosphere. Use neutral hues combined with plum, mustard, burgundy, forest green and rust colors, and do not forget the pumpkins. You can paint autumn pumpkins in any shade that makes you happy and use them anywhere and everywhere. 

You want to add layers of fabric to your chairs, sofas and dining table. Why not use a cozy neutral cotton throw as a tablecloth and place a runner down the center? A woven rug on a wooden floor will add warmth underfoot, and soft lamplight spilling from an end table, a vintage-style mirror used as part of a vignette — together with a fire in the hearth — will set the mood. 

Find Winter Decor at Home Zone Furniture

You can find all you need from Home Zone Furniture to make your environment feel festive, comfortable and welcoming this fall and winter. Contact us if you want to discuss your theme with our friendly, helpful staff so they can assist with creative ideas and recommendations.

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