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Types of Furniture Styles | Complete Guide

Types of Furniture Styles by Home Zone Furniture

With an array of different furniture styles available, the various options can seem overwhelming. You know what you like yet perhaps are unsure what to name your style. Our complete furniture style guide makes the selection process simple and hassle-free. You can put a name to your favorite style and shop with confidence knowing which pieces will fit a similar era and complement each other so you can create a seamlessly elegant home. Whether you love the rich wood tones and deep upholstery colors of centuries-old traditional furniture or the clean, crisp silhouette and neutral palette of modern and contemporary styles, our comprehensive guide can help you further narrow down your style choices.

Traditional Furniture Styles

Traditional furniture styles lend itself to classic décor with a European flair that exudes wealth and luxury. The standout feature is the dark wood tones including cherry, espresso, black and white and rich shades of brown coupled with elegant fabrics and textiles such as velvet, silk or leather. Furniture makers can use more affordable textiles though it usually has floral or damask patterns. Decorative details or embellishments on beds, chairs and drawers are also indicative of a traditional furniture style. These features, along with curved lines, and wing backs or claw and bun feet, influence the various traditional styles that spread across centuries from the 1600s to the early 1900s.

  • Jacobean: Stretching from 1600-1690, the Jacobean style reflects the early English renaissance period. It is characterized by straight lines, elaborate carvings and dark finishes. While not a four-poster bed that you would find in this period, our Malibu three-piece bed gives reference to the grandeur that was Jacobean furniture.
  • Queen Anne: Emerging during the reign of William III of England, Queen Anne style furniture is characterized by cabriole legs, fiddle-backed chairs, bat-wing-shaped drawer pulls and back-winged occasional chairs. You can find hints of the Queen Anne style in our Belmont Metal Accent chair which features wingback sides and a floral upholstery which reflects nobility.
  • Pennsylvania Dutch: This style transcribes the popular American furniture from 1720-1830, which also has a touch of German influence. While cases and cabinets commonly featured folk paintings, the utilitarian simplicity of the designs is apparent in our Cassidy/Sundance server.
  • Louis XVI: Inspired by Neoclassical design, the Louis XVI furniture style came about during the French Revolution and has a Greco-Roman influence, features straight lines and richly carved details. Originally designed for Marie Antionette during the late 1700s, characteristics from this style feature in our Daisy dining set,  and  Corliss III sofa and loveseat.
  • Chippendale: Named after the cabinet-maker Thomas Chippendale, you can identify this style by the cabriole legs, ball and claw feet and ornamental motifs such as C-scrolls and scallop shells. When furnishing your dining room with a Chippendale inspiration, consider our Daisy table and chairs which hints to the cabriole design, the Cassidy collection for its scroll topped chairs, or our Sparrow 3-piece set for a modern take on this furniture style.
  • Sheraton: The Sheraton style stands out for its severe simplicity, straight lines and contrasting veneers. It emerged in 1780 and is named after furniture maker Thomas Sheraton. You can find a variety of pieces among our home furniture collection that is influenced by the Sheraton style, including the two-toned Soho queen bed.  When it comes to your living room, the straight lines of our Easton sofa and loveseat will beautifully complement any 19th century antique Sheraton furniture.
  • American Empire: This French-inspired style became popular throughout the US in the early 1800s and features classic ornamentation, a dark finish and course carvings. You can pay homage to this style throughout your home with our richly toned Briarwood collection that includes a bed frame, chest and mirror, drawers and media chest. For your dining room, consider the solid round Paradise table with its sphere-shaped base.
  • Victorian: Created during the reign of Queen Victoria and the industrial revolution, this furniture style was the first to be manufactured. Its heavy proportions and romantic influence with a dark finish and elaborate ornamentation exude elements of royalty and luxury. Our Serendipity suite caters to the Victorian style with its upholstered bed and brass nail heads that are sure to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. For an occasional chair that fits the same style, we have the Alexandria Accent chair, which is handmade in the finest soft velvet fabric.
  • Arts and Craft: Towards the end of the 19th century, the Arts and Craft furniture style sought to bring back the skilled and detailed craftsmanship that came before mass production. The furniture design is noticeably rectangular with an emphasis on vertical lines. While natural materials such as leather are used to upholster the furniture, there is a lack of ornamental features to showcase the quality woodworking instead. For simplistic yet tasteful furniture that suits this style, consider our Waylon II counter height table and chairs, Kayden occasional table set and Nickolas bedroom suite.
  • Art Deco: Building on the Arts and Craft style, Art Deco furniture saw the infusion of modern materials such as glass, chrome and plastic for a more glamorous look. It celebrates superfluous design with bold colors, geometric shapes, exotic wood and sweeping angular lines. Our furniture inspired by the Art Deco style includes the Giza and Artemis accent chairs and the Glam  bedroom set.
  • Scandinavian contemporary: Popular among European countries in the early 20th century, Scandinavian contemporary furniture highlights functionality, minimalism and simplicity. The utilitarian design is seen in our Allie bed , Durango accent chair and Walter cocktail table.

Modern Furniture Styles

Today’s furniture styles are substantially different from the traditional designs which you can still find in specialty stores. While Antique, American Colonial, traditional and Vintage styles can make an appearance in some modern style lists, contemporary furniture lends itself more to clean silhouettes, crisp lines and geometric shapes unlike the more decorative and ornamental designs of the previous centuries. In our modern furniture style guide, you will notice neutral tones with glossy finishes, few embellishments, natural wood grain, black, white and grey palettes and various fabrics such as leather, vinyl, polyurethane and microfiber.

  • Rustic: Rustic furniture is a perfect way to infuse warmth and coziness into your home. It relies heavily on the natural timber look among other organic materials such as hide, cotton and linen. This style is simple in design and shape to highlight the wood grain yet sways more towards an over-sized and weighty appearance. Our Deana and Dallas bedroom suites, Carrie dining set and Caleb coffee table demonstrate a modern rustic style.
  • American Design: American style furniture encompasses a few features including solid wood with distinctive grains and exquisite finishes that are intended for passing down through the generations. They have a slightly rustic feel yet ooze elegance such as with our Olivia II bedroom suite and Market Square dining set.
  • Retro: While some ‘retro’ pieces of furniture can depend on the decade they are referencing, most are characterized by their modern take on a past trend that occurred approximately twenty years ago. You will find that pieces often incorporate pop culture into their design, making for a colorful and sometimes whimsical display. For a retro décor in your home, consider our Condor bed, Colors table and chairs set, Babylon Accent chair and Aero Brown Accent chair.
  • Modern: Indicative of the early 1900s and the modernist movement, you can identify this style trend by its monochromatic color palettes and materials such as steel, vinyl, leather and plastic. You can elegantly decorate your home with a modern feel by including our Jareth bed set, Lexi dining suite or Fredrick counter height table and chairs. You can make your living room cozy yet modern with a Wilson sofa and chaise.
  • Minimalism: A far cry from the decorative and elaborate features that transcended early traditional styles, minimalist furniture combines Scandinavian contemporary, modern, and Arts and Craft furniture. The final result is a clean utilitarian style with round shapes and smooth edges. The simple and subtle furniture allows for your home to emphasize open spaces. Our Bedford 3-piece bedroom suite and Urban sofa set are the perfect items for your minimalist décor.
  • Relaxed modern: This look takes the minimalist style and adds a relaxed and sophisticated vibe. With sleek silhouettes and deep plush seating, brass metals and oak finishes, your home is sure to feel calm and serene. You can style your home with our Hollywood or Galloway living room set and Rivers edge round table for a relaxed modern interior.
  • Shabby Chic: Coming from England in the 1980s, the Shabby Chic style blends vintage with intriguing paint effects that are usually white. Often having a worn and distressed look, it combines neutral colors with rustic elements that result in a modern-vintage vibe. Our Harper 3-piece living room set beautifully captures this style which you pair with our Allison sofa and Central Park dining suite.
  • Casual Luxe: A refined rustic look with a country flair, this style is relaxed yet sophisticated with its neutral tones. This furniture is generously scaled and has distinctive silhouettes that express luxury while remaining comfortable and homely like our Rampart and Malibu beds and Wine counter height table and chairs.
  • Urban Collective: This collective style is a take on boho-chic, industrial, and mid-century modern designs. The reclaimed wood look combined with metal, slim silhouettes and custom upholstery looks stylish and fresh. Consider our Sparrow table set with our James light grey sectional chaise.

What are the Most Popular Furniture Styles?

While personal preference plays a large part in how you style your home, you can easily be influenced by popular designs. Traditional styles will always be among the top categories when it comes to home décor, especially if you have inherited some solid traditional pieces and you want additional furniture to match. However, the modern minimalist trend is on the rise with its simple, clean lines, metal accents and neutral tones. For a modern lux feel, the rustic farmhouse style has risen in popularity as it combines natural wood grains with neutral-colored fabrics for a soft, cozy and sophisticated design. Glam also makes an appearance on the most popular furniture style lists, as it caters to those who love a little more sparkle and shimmer. This trend can also make your home feel bright, open and airy as the shiny accents reflect natural light, and it is usually paired with softer upholstery tones. If you love the popular styles yet want to make your home unique, consider blending in a few pieces of furniture from styles on either side of your favorites, as there are usually a few similarities in design.

Find Your Style of Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

We have a vast range of furniture in various styles so you can find the perfect home furnishings to suit your interior décor taste. With our large selection of living, dining and bedroom furniture and accessories, you can style your home in a way that caters to your comfort and design requirements. From dark woods that cater to traditional styles to soft plush fabrics and metal finishes for the modern enthusiast, there is something to suit everyone. Our friendly team can help you pair together the perfect pieces to create a cohesive home if you are just getting started or guide you in finding the ideal item to complement your existing furniture. You can also read our tips for selecting the right sofa or dining set on our blog. Contact us today for assistance with our extensive range or visit a Home Zone Furniture near you to shop your style.

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