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Different Types of Sofas From Home Zone Furniture

The sofa is arguably the most substantial and dominant piece of living room furniture, as its style establishes the atmosphere of the room. Because you arrange every other piece of furniture around it, the couch is your “anchor piece.”

When shopping for a couch, look for a soundly structured, high-quality piece at the best price and protect it to last as long as possible. Ideally, you want a sofa that can withstand intensive use by guests, kids, and pets, and endure all those possible scuffs, stains, and snags. A sofa, after all, is a substantial investment, so finding a solid seater that will stand the test of time is key.

Home Zone stocks a wide array of sofas and couches in our diverse Living Room Furniture Collection. Plus, our Goof Proof Protection Plan offers wide-ranging coverage against damage to wood and hard-surface furniture, as well as smudges and injury to vinyl, leather, and fabric upholstery.

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A sectional sofa is upholstered and includes two or more independent pieces or sections you can arrange in several positions to fit the layout of your den or living room. Sectional sofas are also one of the most popular types of sofas and are versatile enough to suit almost any space.

Leather Sectionals

Our leather sectional sofas come in plain or patterned black, brown, white, or red designs. Leather is a tough fabric to mess up; not only is it easy to clean, but it is perfect for big families who love to entertain in the living room. These sofas have built-in consoles to keep your phone, TV remote, and coffee cups stable while watching your favorite shows.

Reclining Sectionals 

Reclining sectional couches are one of the trendiest sofa styles. They offer versatility and comfort in one neatly arranged assortment. They are spacious and comfortable, giving each lounger the choice of putting their feet up or sitting on the edge of their seat — depending on what they’re watching, of course.

Upholstered Sectionals 

Upholstery is a classic choice for all types of couches, but our upholstered sectionals take the comfort one step further. These comfortable couches come in various sizes, from mini three-piece sectionals to spacious dual-chaise sofas that give everyone room to stretch out.


Standalone sofas are straight couches with enough space to seat up to three people comfortably. While sectionals often look casual and comfy, traditional sofas offer more formal styles like Chesterfields and Cabrioles. 

Leather Sofas 

Leather sofas are stylish additions to contemporary living rooms or home offices, giving any space a chic, handsome aesthetic. These couches are firm and comfortable, and our leather collection includes black, red, chocolate brown, tan, and gray sofas.

Reclining Sofas 

Our reclining sofa collection is perfect for small families or couples who want to put their feet up after a long day. You can use a reclining sofa to provide the main seats in your living room and add a few armchairs around it to accommodate guests.

Upholstered Sofas 

An upholstered sofa is one of the most traditional couch types used alongside other chairs to create a classic living room look. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play with color and texture! We stock soft upholstered sofas in a range of fun hues, including peacock, seafoam, and emerald green.


The loveseat, the sofa’s smaller sister, usually has only one or two seats, forcing people to sit close together. This makes them perfect for couples who like to cuddle. 

Leather Loveseats

Most of our leather loveseats are bigger than upholstered loveseat options. Each one has a console between the two cushions to store essentials while you relax. We also stock two traditional loveseats in this collection if you’re short on space but love the leather look. 

Reclining Loveseats 

If you have a small space but still want the benefits of a power sofa, a reclining loveseat may be for you. These couches are perfect for couples who love at-home date nights with movies, popcorn, and matching cozy couches.

Upholstered Loveseats 

Upholstered loveseats are some of the most compact kinds of sofas available and are often small enough to use in a bedroom. An upholstered loveseat is a sunroom staple and the perfect spot for some relaxing me-time. Our collection features everything from elegant camelback styles to modern square silhouettes.

Other Living Room Seating to Complement Your Sofa

It takes more than a sofa to make a beautiful living room. Using different styles of sofas and chairs together creates space between the furniture, filling spacious areas better and carving out natural routes to move between the couches. Consider adding an ottoman to your arrangement to fill empty floor space without disrupting visual paths through the room. Ottomans are versatile must-haves that work as footrests, coffee tables, and informal seating.

You can also use armchairs to introduce accent colors into the room or add a few end tables as functional décor that ties your design theme together. 

Find Your New Sofa at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone sells quality, highly rated living, dining, and bedroom furniture, as well as mattresses, accents, home décor, media, and TV centers. We receive excellent customer reviews about our attentive, personable staff members who give customers space to browse in private — but are always available to assist — and our fast, on-time delivery. Our employees are ready to answer any questions and clearly explain your delivery and payment options. 

Contact us at a nearby store to discover your new favorite sofa.

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