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Know Your Sofa Styles

Are you in the market for a new sofa? Buying a sofa is a fun and exciting experience as you get to choose from an endless array of options to find that one perfect piece to love and enjoy for years to come. There are many different types of sofas and knowing a little about each can help you make the best choice for your home. Here is some information about the main types of sofas to help you make your decision and ensure that the couch you buy is one that will make you and your family extremely happy.

Sectional Sofa Style

A sectional sofa is generally a fantastic choice for families or people who often have guests, as well as people who want the freedom to personalize their sofa configuration. The sectional sofa style includes multiple separate pieces that fit together to form a complete sofa, often with options such as a chaise, a corner seat, a reclining section, storage, and more. Sectional sofas are extremely versatile, coming in many different sizes and shapes as well as colors and materials. Because these sofas tend to fill in the corners of the rooms they inhabit, they offer maximum seating while leaving as much floor space as possible.

Bridgewater Sofa Style

The Bridgewater sofa style is simple and timeless, featuring low arms and a low overall profile with loose backs and cushions for adjustable firmness and comfort. The updated classic look of the modern Bridgewater sofa looks great in a wide range of homes. These sofas also tend to be tilted at an inviting angle, making them extremely pleasant and relaxing to sit on and enjoy. Don’t be surprised if you find your Bridgewater very difficult to leave! The softness of the arms and cushions and the large selection of styles and colors make this sofa a popular option for many.

Chesterfield Sofa Style

The Chesterfield sofa style is one that looks amazing in almost any space. Upholstered in luxurious leather and designed with rolled arms that are the same height as the back, this sofa features deep button tufting on the backrest and a decided air of sophistication and style. Although the Chesterfield sofa is a traditional English piece, it has quickly become a popular option throughout the world. This sofa will heighten the look of any room and suit almost any existing décor. They’re built to last and easy to maintain, making them great investments for many homeowners. 

Loveseat Sofa Style

A loveseat is simply a smaller sofa designed for two people. While loveseats were once mainly available as part of a matching living room suite, their increasing popularity in recent years means that there is now a wide array of loveseats from which to choose – with or without a coordinating sofa. Because loveseats are smaller and lighter in weight than full sofas, they are easy to move and transport; you can place your loveseat anywhere you’d like, even in tighter spaces. Modern loveseats are durable and long-lasting, not to mention extremely comfortable. Whether you need smaller furniture to fit a cozy space or you want additional seating to complement your sofa, the loveseat sofa style is a great choice.

Divan Sofa Style

A divan is a unique piece of furniture with a rich history. Originating in the Middle East, divans were traditionally long seats arranged against a wall complete with cushions against which to lean. Modern versions often feature a low backrest for support and style. The divan sofa style comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and they are generally customizable with plenty of options regarding the cushions, shape, storage, and more. Divans provide a flat and seamless support that not only looks sleek and stylish but is also quite comfortable for sitting. These pieces also tend to be lightweight and easy to move, making them a popular choice among today’s homeowners.

Chaise Sofa Style

Why choose a chaise lounge or a sofa with a chaise? This innovative design has a lot to offer. A sectional sofa with a chaise is a popular option today and one that is incredibly practical, functional, and attractive. A chaise is an excellent alternative to a reclining sofa for people who like to put their feet up and fully relax as they read, watch TV, or close their eyes for an afternoon nap. The chaise sofa style comes in endless colors and styles to suit any preference, enhancing your home’s aesthetic and usability. These sofas work great in large spaces, so be sure to measure the area before buying to ensure that your new sofa will fit beautifully and look amazing in your living or family room.

Ottoman Sofa Style

That cushion on which you rest your feet can indeed serve numerous purposes. The ottoman sofa style is incredibly useful and attractive in many homes. The right ottoman will look fabulous in your living room, either matching or complementing your existing furniture and enhancing the overall look of your home. Some ottomans offer storage space to conveniently hold your blankets, games, remote controls, or anything you’d like to stash out of sight when not in use. Many ottomans can also double as coffee tables or extra seating as needed, perfect for families with kids or people who like to entertain. Choose among many different sizes, materials, and styles to find your ideal ottoman today.

Reclining Sofa Style

A reclining sofa is a real treat at the end of a hard day. The reclining sofa style is excellent for allowing you a comfortable place to literally kick back and relax, forgetting the day’s worries. This style of sofa may be especially helpful for people with back pain or circulation problems – but it will be well-loved by everyone who uses it. Ideal for watching TV, movies, sports, you name it! A reclining sofa is the perfect way to up the comfort level of your living space and adds a unique kind of elegance to any room. There are many different colors, styles, sizes, and shapes of reclining sofas, so finding one to match your personal style and existing décor should be a breeze.

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