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Modern Entertainment Center Ideas

Changing the look of your home no longer requires undertaking a big renovation project. With our modern entertainment center ideas, you can readily upgrade your living room, bedroom or den with new furnishings that enhance your comfort and style. From classic TV consoles to large wall units and farmhouse-style designs, we have a wide range of entertainment centers that are perfect for accommodating your various electronics while giving your space a modern appearance.

Modern Entertainment Center Ideas from Home Zone Furniture

How Big is Your Space?

Do you have a separate media room? Does your home have an open plan living space with a small area dedicated to entertainment? Are you wanting a console in your bedroom? Whether you want your media center to be the focus of your room or have it blend into your surroundings, you should make sure that it is functional and fits the space well. By measuring your area or wall length precisely, you can select a console or entertainment unit that won’t overwhelm your space and, therefore, prevent making your room feel small and cramped.                      

Large Living Space

When it comes to large living spaces, you want to ensure that your media console is in proportion with your room. A large entertainment center, such as our Wyatt wall unit, is ideal for shared spaces or using as a focal point in your home. The built-in power pack means that you can easily install your electronics and discreetly hide your cords. The barn style sliding doors allow you to close off the TV and make your unit a room feature with its open shelving on the sides. By placing framed photos, sculptures, or glass vases on the shelves, you can change the look of your living room when your TV is not in use.                  

Small Living Space

For living rooms with limited space, you can make the most of your setup with a small entertainment center and mounting your TV on the wall or sitting on top of the console. By keeping the space beside your TV free of shelves, unlike what you would get with a large wall unit, you can give the impression of more space in your room, and it won’t feel cluttered. A floor console similar to our Island design is a practical option as it looks spectacular with its warm wooden tones, provides comfortable viewing, contains a shelf to hold media devices, and has drawers for storing remotes and additional items. The minimal console design will give your living room a clean and open appearance.                         

Dedicated Media Room

Having a dedicated media room means that you have various options when it comes to the styling and positioning of your entertainment center. Whether you have serious video gamers in the family, love to sit and watch movies, or have a multi-functional media room, our Enormous wall unit will suit a variety of homes. The rich espresso color pairs beautifully with other woods and the center can accommodate large TV screens. The adjustable shelving allows you to display complementing decor, while the sliding doors mean that you can shut away the TV and use the room for another purpose. If you need a smaller unit for your media room, consider mounting your TV above our Barnwood console for classic and rustic aesthetics that still provides you with plenty of storage.                   

What Is the Style of Your Space?

While you may know the ideal console size you want for your space, you also need to consider the style and design of your entertainment unit. Making decisions such as whether you want to make your media center a focal point for the room, use it to hide your electronics, match it with other furniture or close off the TV when not in use, will influence the type of console you purchase.       

Making Your Entertainment Center the Feature of Your Space

An entertainment center that enhances your room and draws the eye towards it will assist you in making it a feature in your room. While you could add a feature wall behind your TV, consider a bold wall unit that boasts ample shelving such as our Wyatt design in black. The dark color will make this center stand out in any home, while the shelving is perfect for displaying knick-knacks and other items such as books, photos, and flowers. Alternatively, we have a range of floor units so that you can proudly display your TV without shutting it away.

Blending Your Entertainment Center into the Rest of the Room

For an entertainment center that is subtle and will blend in with the rest of your room, you can try matching the unit color to the rest of your furniture or select a neutral tone. Our Rodeo console comes in a washed white color, which can blend into light, neutral rooms, and it is perfect for small spaces. If you want a larger console, consider a wall unit in pale hues with doors that you can use to conceal your TV and electronics.          

Find Your Entertainment Center at Home Zone Furniture

With a wide range of modern designs that will suit any home, you can find the perfect entertainment console or wall unit to accommodate your television and electronics. Our friendly staff can assist you in finding the ideal size and style at one of our stores or contact us with any questions. From storage requirements to your aesthetic preference, you are sure to find a console that will elevate your home and create a stunning entertainment center.

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