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Modern Living Room Furniture For Families

What a pleasure it is to curl up on the sofa after a busy day at work! Here, you can take the time to chat with your family, watch a comedy on TV together or relax with a book while the radio plays softly. Your living room is the place for unwinding, and to enjoy your sofas and seats to the fullest, you’ll likely decide to invest in comfort. But their appearance merits attention, too. After all, they usually have a central place in your modern-style living room and function as an eye-catcher. What is the modern living room you and your family dream of? We’re here to help you discover it.

Living Room Collections

Perhaps your home is newly built or has undergone a major renovation. If all your old furniture has gone out the door, the style you decide on for your living room at this time will determine what the rest of your home will follow. For example, browse our leather, reclining or upholstered collections before you choose your curtains. However, if your curtains have already arrived, bring a sample with you when you visit one of our stores. You will be able to see which modern living rooms fit them best.

Sofas, Chairs and Ottomans

The minimalist modern style fits well in a relatively small home. Resist the temptation to crowd your modern living room with furniture, décor and accessories, as this will quickly create a cluttered impression. A space-saving sectional sofa and one or two coffee tables is a smarter choice. Consider a glass or metallic end table for an airy effect.

Did you know that sofas on slightly higher legs will make the room look more spacious? Also, you won’t want to place your loveseat or sofa with its back to your door. That can create the impression that you want to shut everyone out, and it blocks the feeling of space. 

Coffee and End Tables

It is hard to imagine, but large living rooms are even more challenging to decorate than small ones. You’ll want to create coziness, unity and atmosphere, and furniture that is too small will be swallowed up and not come into its own. Consider choosing a generous sofa on a large rug, possibly with an accent chair.

Instead of putting everything next to each other, create smaller zones that are possibly separated from each other with room dividers or something that can serve this purpose, such as a bookcase or a decorative glass wall. Wondering what kind of zones you’ll need? Perhaps one for watching television together where your family can hang out with snacks and drinks on your coffee table. A desk will be practical as a mini office where you can place your laptop and finish it off with a modern lamp. An empty corner is also excellent for a comfy recliner next to the bookcase as a reading nook.


Pay extra attention to acoustics if you have a big room. Do not use too many hard materials, as these will increase the risk of reverberation. For a modern living room, you will want to alternate between matte and gloss, between high and low, and between hard and soft to create an agreeable visual effect. Accent pillows are your salvation; they are nice and fluffy and excellent sound absorbers.

Do not forget to provide greenery for a spacious room, preferably in the form of large potted plants that you place on pedestals. Huge vases will do nicely, too.

Light can have a massive influence on your mood. A lot of scientific research indicates this, but even without the test reports, you know this and feel this truth. If your living room stays too dark after a while, it will start to affect how you feel. That is because dark furniture and dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. Most people take for granted that their living room has lots of light, but what do you do if you simply like dark colors? Go for it! But do alternate enough between light and modern style accessories.

A room that is too bright can also be unsociable and quickly start to look aggressive. Give sunlight as much of a chance as possible to brighten your interior — but remember not every nook and cranny needs a lamp. To truly appreciate light, there must also be shadow.

Find Modern Living Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

While you are taking measurements, envisioning your layout and choosing your color palette, suitable modern living room ideas are bound to pop up in your mind. Your living room will most likely be with you for many years, so you’ll want to make the right decisions. Trust your feelings, but also know that we at Home Zone Furniture are happy to assist you when you contact us today.

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