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Why Your Living Room Needs a Sofa Table


A sofa table is an often-overlooked element in a living room. It’s a long, slim table that’s placed directly behind the sofa or in close proximity to it. Sofa tables can come in a variety of colors and textures, but the most important thing is making sure that it’s proportionate to your couch.

Don’t know whether or not you need a sofa table? These are just four reasons why this low-profile piece of furniture could be surprisingly beneficial to your space!

Keeps necessities within reach
Take comfort to the next level in your living room by keeping your relaxation must-haves an arm’s length away. While the coffee table certainly does its part to be an occasional footrest and catch-all, a sofa table gives you both extra surface space and hidden nooks for the necessities. Use the drawers for remote controls, and place a tray on top to catch this month’s magazines.

Creates boundaries
Many new homes are known for their open floor plans — living rooms and kitchens blend seamlessly so the family can spend maximum time together. While this is great in terms of lifestyle, sometimes it poses a furniture arrangement challenge. If your home has an open structure like this, you can use a sofa and sofa table combination to create the illusion of a partition between key rooms.

Additional storage
Depending on your living room needs, you could choose a sofa table with plenty of drawers and shelves or a simple one-surface style. No matter what you choose, remember that a sofa table is a great opportunity to double up on storage for the little things. Use drawers to hide electronic accessories and shelves for books, or even slide appropriately-sized baskets underneath for a bulk storage solution.

Décor display
Function aside, a sofa table also provides a key surface space for you to decorate! Given its height and accessibility, keep in mind that all eyes will fall on the arrangement. Decide whether your sofa table will be utilitarian with a lamp and decorative tray, sentimental with framed photographs or purely decorative with vases of fresh flowers and maybe a stack of coffee table books. The options are truly endless!

Convinced? Thought so! Functional, beautiful and an essential part of creating spatial borders, a sofa table has an understated way of pulling a family room together.

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