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How to Add Finishing Touches to Your Home Décor

While you may have carefully selected furniture for your home, such as a comfy lounge suite, stylish coffee table, and practical entertainment center, your home décor adds the finishing touches to any room. Home decorating accents are stylish pieces that turn your house into a home. They tie everything together, make your space feel cozy rather than empty, and give you an opportunity to showcase your personality. 

Whether you want to update a house you’ve lived in for years or you’re starting fresh in a new place, our home décor ideas will make your space feel complete. From adding fresh greenery and warm lighting to focal points and textures, these small and effortless touches have a significant impact.

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Living Room Ideas

Choosing the Right Table for Your Living Room

Decorating your home with living room furniture that suits your lifestyle is essential for creating a cozy and functional space. But while selecting the ideal sofa or armchair may come easy, finding a living room table that complements your interior design and elevates your space might be more of a challenge.

Living room tables come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and functions, from large round coffee tables to stylish end tables with storage. With our living room and modern coffee-table guide, you can readily narrow your selection and incorporate a stylish piece of furniture that will be the perfect companion for your space.

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Preparing To Buy New Furniture? What To Do With Old Furniture

Do you remember your first sofa? The one you bought for half price, borrowed from a family member, or saved up for when you moved into your first apartment? Furniture is part of our daily lives and usually follows us wherever we go. However, as our lives change, so do our needs. You might find yourself needing a bigger dining table as your family grows or wanting a new bed when the old one starts to creak.

Whatever your reason for upgrading, you’ll need to remove your old furniture before buying new stuff or suffer a rather crowded living space. 

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What To Do With Used Furniture When You Need To Upgrade

Donate It to a Local Charity

This is the best way to repurpose old furniture, extending the life span of chairs, tables, sofas, and TV stands by letting others make good use of them. Plus, when you donate furniture, you help less fortunate people upgrade their living and working spaces. Of course, this option is best for gently used, surplus, or unwanted furniture and won’t work for anything damaged or beyond repair.

Donating is also an eco-friendly way to get rid of old furniture, preventing it from ending up in a landfill where it will go to waste. Furniture often contains plastics and metals that can leach chemicals into the environment over time, so it’s best to keep it in use for as long as possible. 

Nonprofit organizations that offer various donation drop-off points for used furniture:

Some donation centers will pick up your old furniture for free, while others may ask you to drop it off. You can also call local churches, libraries, and community centers to check whether they accept furniture donations and if they can pick up bulky items.

Recycle or Upcycle It

You can give your furniture new life by sending it to a local recycling center or upcycling it into something new. Many junk removal companies can recycle furniture by dismantling it and salvaging the best parts or selling it at a reduced price. 

If you have metal chairs, cabinets, and other office furniture, you can take them to a local scrap yard for recycling. These recyclers can use aluminum, steel, or wrought iron parts to make new products while you put cash back in your pocket. Most wooden furniture is also recyclable; you can often take it apart, sand it down, and turn it into something new.

If you prefer to keep your old furniture intact, you can sell it online to used furniture stores or via platforms such as CouchCycled. You can even trade old furniture with neighbors using Freecycle, a platform that lets you swap unwanted household items instead of throwing them away.

Take It Out With the Trash 

While reusing, recycling, and donating are ideal, some furniture items, like broken mirrors, frames, or water-damaged mattresses, simply have to go in the garbage. Always check with your waste removal provider before placing an old couch on the curb on trash day to make sure they accept bulky items. While most municipalities should take old furniture, you can always haul it to your local landfill or transfer station yourself if they don’t.

If you’re doing a full house cleanup or urgently making space for a new living room set, you can rent a dumpster to quickly get all your old furniture out of the way. Many private companies offer roll-off dumpster rental services, including delivery and pickup, to help dispose of old furniture without leaving your property. Rental prices differ depending on the size of the dumpster, so it’s best to estimate how much space your unwanted furniture will take up before contacting the company.

Find New Furniture at Home Zone Furniture 

Once you’ve disposed of your old furniture responsibly, you will have enough space to buy something new. Whether replacing mismatched chairs with a modern sectional sofa or swapping stained carpets for a plush new rug, you can find your next upgrade at Home Zone Furniture. We offer a range of high-quality, solid-wood furniture built to last, ensuring you won’t need another replacement for a long time.

Explore our living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture range, or browse our accessories and décor for design inspiration. Feel free to visit us in a store near you or contact us for more information about our collection.


DIY Tips for Upholstered Furniture Care

Choosing the furniture is one of the most exciting parts of decorating your home. Deciding on the size, shape, and design of pieces for a space and then picking the color schemes and upholstery textures sets the tone. The room becomes as much a reflection of you as it is a place to kick back and relax.

Of course, because you put so much effort into creating the perfect space, you will want to enjoy the fresh look of your new furniture for years to come. Keeping your furniture clean and avoiding everyday spills and mishaps will add years to each precious piece. However, you may wonder how to clean different types of furniture upholstery. Fortunately, we have just the furniture upholstery care and cleaning tips you need.

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Interior Design Ideas

Ideas for Maintaining a Clutter-Free Home

Can clutter cause anxiety? How much clutter is too much? If I want to live a clutter-free life, do I have to throw everything out? Sometimes the idea of living a clutter-free life can raise more questions, confusion, and stress than just living with the mess. However, there are numerous benefits to reducing clutter, including making your home easier to manage and, yes, reducing your stress levels. 

Living in a clutter-free home is possible with some planning, commitment, and the ideal furniture and storage solutions to suit your lifestyle. Though getting started may feel overwhelming, with our tips, you can change the way you live and be free of clutter for good. 

Remove Existing Clutter

The first step to creating and maintaining a clutter-free space is to declutter your home. The fewer items you own, the easier it will be to keep clutter to a minimum. Start by sorting through one room at a time to ensure you give each area a thorough overhaul. Take note of what is causing clutter in the room, such as having too much stuff in a small area or appearing disorganized. Donate, sell, or give away things you no longer need or love; return borrowed items; throw away junk or rubbish; and move out-of-place stuff, like important mail and documents, from the kitchen counter to a more suitable place such as the desk in your office.

Prioritize Storage

Clutter in your home may be due to a lack of storage or knowing where to put things. Every room should have at least one piece of storage furniture. Media centers in the living area are ideal for hiding gaming consoles and cords, a dresser and chest of drawers in your bedroom will look stylish while keeping clothes off the floor and bed, and a buffet cabinet in your dining area can house dishware and table linens. If you have a smaller home or room, consider multifunctional furniture such as a storage ottoman or bed with drawers underneath to save space.

Be sure to store items in the room where you use them. This tip will ensure you can easily put things away without having to walk halfway across your house.

Create New Habits Daily

Though you may know how to get your home in tiptop shape, keeping it that way can be difficult. One trick to avoiding future clutter and keeping your space clean and tidy is to implement new habits daily. These include simple tasks like throwing away or recycling pieces of mail after you’ve opened and read them, and doing a quick tidy of your home at the end of every day. Because it’s easier to put away a few things regularly as soon as you’ve finished using them than to spend your entire weekend resetting your home, dedicate 10 minutes a day to stashing clothes, returning items to where they belong, and generally tidying up to easily maintain a clutter-free lifestyle.

Buy With Purpose

To prevent clutter from accumulating in your home, we recommend being intentional when buying new items. You can reduce impulse buying by considering every purchase and asking yourself if you really need the desired item, if you will use it, and if you will still love it in a few months. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, then consider donating or selling something from your home that you don’t use anymore to keep your total number of belongings to a minimum. 

Purge Regularly

Take the opportunity to regularly check in on what you don’t need in the house and get rid of those items. Stuff can accumulate without you even realizing it, such as saving documents until certain dates or adding new clothes to your wardrobe without removing old, worn garments. Make a point to purge your home a few times a year of items you no longer require or use. You will feel better for doing so, and the simple task can make it easier to maintain a clutter-free home.

Find Furniture With Storage Solutions at Home Zone Furniture

If you’re ready to remove clutter and stress from your home and lifestyle, Home Zone has the perfect furniture and storage solutions to make it happen. We provide an extensive range of quality, stylish furniture for every room in your home; you can readily add more storage to your dining area with a sideboard, your living room with a coffee table with drawers, and your bedroom with a dresser. 

Our matching living, dining, and bedroom furniture sets mean you can create cohesive spaces in your home, making it feel calm and less cluttered. Browse our furniture and home accents online or visit our Home Zone store. You can also contact our knowledgeable team for advice on furniture styles and themes to suit your home, or for answers to any of your questions.