Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Home

The summer season is a perfect excuse to freshen up your living space and brighten your home. With our summer decor ideas, you can maintain your budget and revitalize your home with various themes that include white accents, pops of color and hints of nature. Perhaps you could incorporate warm, fun, bright and airy decor with some key accent pieces or simply make subtle changes to your furniture. 

Feel a shift in your mood and get the most out of your home this summer when you start updating your space with our summer decor ideas.

White Accents

White accent pieces throughout your home can do wonders for making your space look bright and fresh. You can modernize your bedroom with a crisp white comforter set which can cause your room to appear bigger and brighter, while white accent pillows can add a calm, breezy feel to your space. Changing your dark lampshades for ones with white fabrics is an ideal way to contrast darker toned furniture without going over budget. 

You can make a big impact throughout the rest of your home with subtle white accents in every room. Consider laying a rug such as our Prairie Ice Caps in your living room or maintain your white theme with various table accents on display in your kitchen, dining room and hallway. Our white embossed vase, animal figurines or candle holders can also go a long way to revitalizing your space for summer. 

If you want to add new furniture to your home, look for wooden pieces that have white trim as they will help to reflect the light in your room and make it appear brighter. Our Harper chairside table or wooden coffee table with a white base is ideal for any home as they can add to the airy feel of your summer space and then be restyled with the changing seasons.

Pops of Color

Adding pops of color can immediately transform your space from a cool winter den to a bright and fun summer home. Graphic prints such as our white and blue wall art can give your home a beach vibe, while brightly toned throws and cushions are an easy way to add color without overpowering your space. Colorful flower pots and candle holders on your tabletops is another quick and simple way to incorporate corals or red tones into your living room, and you can easily mix these up with gold or bronze decor for a bit of shine in your summer decor. 

We know that summer is about balancing fun with relaxation. You can do both by adding a colorful ottoman or occasional chair to your home. Whether you prefer to enjoy the sunshine in your bedroom, out on the patio or in your living room, these furniture pieces are sure to enhance any space. Alternatively, a colorful side table looks fun and exciting while also giving you more storage space in your room.

Go Natural

If you relate summer to natural and organic surroundings, then light, natural wood furniture or decor with earthy tones can add texture and freshness to your home. Consider adding a bench in your entrance or a cream-colored cotton basket in your living room for a natural and light element to your space. Soft white hues are perfect for offsetting the natural tones in wood, such as our wooden framed wall decor.  

Adding a wooden tray to your coffee table is another quick and easy way to include organic features in your home this summer. Pairing it with white trinkets or a lamp featuring earthy tones on your adjacent bookshelf is a stylish way to tie your room together. A woven rug such as our round Sofia Jut style is perfect as a statement piece in any room when you want a standout organic element. 

Wall mirrors are another way to bring more natural light into your home. A large mirror or several smaller ones hanging opposite a window will reflect light around the room and give the illusion of more space while highlighting the organic and natural elements in your home. A large, round mirror with a detailed frame, such as our Gold Starburst style, can also complement your summer decor theme. 

Bring the Outside In

You can bring the feel of summer into your home by including floral and nature accent pieces. Floral comforters for your bed and accent pillows on your sofa are an ideal way to add color and texture to your space. If you keep pops of color to a minimum, you can still infuse a nature theme in your home with our black and gold leaf pillow set or by hanging gray scale botanical prints on your wall.

Alternatively, table and floor decor such as our bird accent pieces and faux topiary is a low-maintenance way to add nature to your home. If you prefer fresh flowers, opt for a vibrant green or blue vase to hold your colorful blooms. 

Find Summer Furniture Items at Home Zone Furniture

We have an extensive range of furniture, decor and accessories to make freshening up homes easy and breezy this summer. From light, natural timber side tables or bright pops of color in our accent chairs to soft white furnishing and nature-themed home decor, we have something to suit your summer style. Shop online at your convenience or visit your local Home Zone store to get everything you require. If you need assistance with putting your summer decor together, contact our friendly team for advice. 

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