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The Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint amongst many adults — in fact, some estimates say that more than three-quarters of all adults will experience some sort of pain related to back discomfort. While special shoes and inserts can help to alleviate pain that occurs while standing or walking, many people encounter problems with sleeping as a result of their pain.

A mattress that doesn’t properly support the back or keep the spine in the ideal alignment can lead to persistent aches, pains and a poor sleeping experience. Whether you are currently dealing with chronic back pain or you are beginning to experience lower back pain – replacing your mattress with one that is friendlier to your back is a smart move.

How can you choose the one that’s right for you, though? That’s where the process gets trickier. Shopping for a mattress can seem like a stressful experience only because there are so many options to consider. When you want to know which are the best cheap mattresses to help support your back and potentially contribute to lessening your discomfort, what should you keep in mind?

Pay Close Attention to the Inner Construction of Your Mattress

Perhaps the most essential factor that should influence your decision is the construction of the mattress itself. For example, older mattresses most commonly used innerspring construction, with dozens of coiled springs providing the support for your body weight. While modern innersprings do exist and can deliver more comfort, such as the Topaz mattress, their usefulness for those with back pain is limited and pales in comparison to more modern innovations, such as memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam is an excellent candidate for those with back pain. Not only do they trend towards the firmer side, but they also conform to your body, providing robust support along your entire spine. Memory foam is a good solution for those who sleep on their sides and on their backs. However, memory foam is far from the cutting edge in terms of modern mattresses. Today, gel-filled foam is on the rise as well. Similar to memory foam, gel springs back more quickly than its counterpart as a result of a special gel added to some of the foam layers. Along with providing a different type of back support, gel mattresses are also well-known for their cooling abilities as they do not retain body heat as much as other materials.

What innerspring is Right for You?

For a long time, common knowledge equated firm or very firm mattresses with relief for back pain. In recent years, however, research has not borne out that assumption. Instead, most of those who chose to sleep on firm mattresses for back pain (rather than out of preference) reported they did not feel they got a very good night’s sleep. The takeaway from this is simple: firmness is a matter of preference and not one to be underestimated.

A mattress that is too soft, after all, can allow your body to sink too far into it, potentially preventing you from keeping your spine in comfortable alignment. In many cases, a medium-firm mattress, such as the Bree gel mattress set available at Home Zone Furniture, provides the appropriate balance between the two extremes. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours — and the true test comes from spending some time testing out your mattress. When possible, take the time to climb onto some mattresses in-store. There’s no substitute for feeling the same thing you’ll experience when you head to bed each night.

Can an Adjustable Mattress Do the Job?

Not all mattresses are alike. With an adjustable base, you can reset certain types of mattresses to a special configuration of your choosing. Elevate your legs or choose one of several arrangements to support your back better. When you struggle to get comfortable in a typical sleeping position on a normal mattress, having the ability to customize your mattress shape is invaluable. These are especially useful for those with back pain. Some frames adjust by hand, while others change automatically at the push of a remote control, such as the 6500 Adjustable Base. An adjustable frame paired with a compatible mattress delivers more versatility. If you haven’t had luck with other mattresses, you may be able to find relief with more fine-tuned control over the position you use for sleeping.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Did you know that the age of your mattress could be one of the primary reasons you may experience back pain after sleeping? Over time, various types of mattresses will slowly lose their ability to provide a supportive, comfortable sleeping experience. Even with periodic rotation, every mattress will eventually wear out; if you feel as though you’re sleeping in a rut or that you can “never get comfortable,” it’s probably time to replace your mattress.

The typical suggestion by industry experts is to investigate replacements every seven to ten years for maximum comfort. However, this number may be smaller or larger depending on your personal needs, the type of mattress you buy, and other factors. If it’s been some time since you last replaced your mattress, now is the perfect time to look for replacements.

While you’re at it, why not find an elegant new bed frame to add to the mix?

Find Your Next Good Night’s Sleep at Home Zone Furniture

Personal preference should always win out at the end of the day; buying a mattress is a personal experience and one that can ultimately prove to be highly subjective. There is no one “perfect” or “best” mattress out there — but there are a range of options that can allow you to find the mattress that’s best for you. With mattress sales that can lead you to a fantastic deal and fantastic sleep, Home Zone Furniture can help you ditch your old and uncomfortable mattress for one that better supports your back. Stop by and see us soon, or contact us for further details and assistance.

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