Tips for Decorating a Small Bathroom

storage tips for a small bathroom

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From powder rooms, to master baths to Jack and Jills, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. While small bathrooms are lacking in the space department, we still expect them to offer everything any other bathroom would. Check out these tips for how to get the most out of compact washroom spaces while maintaining style and organization.


Color influences how you perceive the size of a room. A bathroom dominated by white is going to make the space look larger. If you maintain a neutral color scheme, everything will appear cohesive and easy on the eyes, which is imperative in a small area. That being said, don’t be afraid to add a little color here and there. A powder room is a great place to play with bold colors and textures. Try starting with a neutral base and then bring in a few complementary pops of color as accents. You can incorporate color anywhere—from hand towels to the shower curtain to a tiny bud vase on the countertop.


Cohesive design plays an important role when decorating a small room. If you choose to go with a neutral color palette, design elements that add visual interest will give your bathroom some personality. Incorporate motifs you like in small doses. The sink backsplash and the flooring are my favorite places to get creative! Choose appliances and cabinetry that’s consistent with the rest of your home.


Just because your current bathroom might not have sufficient shelving due to space constraints, that doesn’t mean your bathroom doesn’t need it! As you redecorate and reorganize, seize the opportunity to survey the unused space. That empty wall above the toilet? Install shelves to make the most of every inch you have. If visible shelving just isn’t your style, you can substitute hanging baskets for a more bohemian look.

Hidden storage

Visible shelving can be a great way to organize the items you use every day, but for the items you either aren’t using or don’t want out in the open, concealed storage is a must. Stow non-decorative items such as toilet paper, liquid soap refills, lotion, etc., underneath the sink. Separate items into containers to make them easy to reach or place them on a lazy Susan so everything is at arm’s length. Try installing sliding drawers in cabinets to ensure items in the back don’t get lost or go unused.

Stylish repurposing

A stylish home doesn’t have to break the bank. Reuse storage items from the kitchen in the bathroom to keep things neat and organized. You can hang a spice rack on the wall to stow small bath products and even nail polish. Fill Mason jars with cotton swabs, cotton balls and the like. A teacup saucer can be repurposed to collect little things like jewelry and bobby pins, helping to keep your countertop uncluttered.

Even if your bathroom isn’t on display to guests, you’ll find that a well-organized and stylish washroom will help you begin and end your day on a high note!



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