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Types of Dining Room Sets from Home Zone Furniture

Many memories are made of the laughter, celebratory toasts and holiday dinners at your dining table. Sitting down to share a warm meal with friends and family brings you closer together and helps you relax after a long day or working week. Your dining room furniture should complement your unique decorating style and suit how your family does dinner time. Here is a summary of the types of dining room sets we offer at Home Zone Furniture and how to incorporate them into your home.


A formal dining table is suited to special occasions, rather than the everyday meals your family enjoys in the kitchen at a breakfast bench or island counter. Formal dining sets are usually larger and more expensive than casual tables and chairs. Formal furniture often has a luxurious or antique finish that requires polishing and special care, unlike durable everyday dining sets. You can accentuate a traditional table as the focal point of your dining room.

Square or rectangular dining tables appear more formal than circular ones, and ornate legs of solid wood add a sense of occasion to a sit-down meal. Choose high-back dining chairs or incorporate seating with armrests to emphasize the formality of the furniture. Plush fabric seats keep your guests comfortable during lengthy formal dinner parties. Dining room cabinets are a classic addition to a formal dining room as they help you display elegant dinnerware and serving dishes.


Your dining room can be family-friendly without compromising on style. Look for a dining table that is durable and easy to wipe clean after messy meals with little ones. Choose sturdy chairs that can handle some playful pushing and scraping without losing their charm. Upholstery is generally a challenge with children in the house, and choosing bright prints and textured fabric can help hide those inevitable spills and stains.

Our extendable Paul Bunyan II dining set is a timeless choice for growing families or feeding your kids’ soccer team after practice. Extendable tables are a family favorite for those unplanned guests and unpredictable weeknight dinners. Polyurethane chairs are also quick to clean, reducing your after-dinner chores and allowing your family to relax and spend some quality time together.


Your formal dining room doesn’t need to feel stuffy and traditional — make it chic with modern furniture choices and clever use of color. Choose minimal designs with sleek straight lines, such as our Alisa collection, to get a contemporary look and feel. Consider a neutral palette with pops of accent color and texture in the dining chairs, such as our Colours dining set. Accent colors help to accentuate the neutral pieces in the room.

If you’re looking to revamp your dining room without replacing the entire set, some new dining chairs can create visual interest with a modern twist. Pairing low-back chairs or backless dining stools with your old dining table can bring design flair into the room and freshen up the space. Transparent plastic chairs and chairs with metal elements suggest an industrial style and help to bring an old timber table to life in a contemporary room. 


A rustic design theme makes your guests feel warm and cozy at every meal in your dining room and reminds you of home and holidays with family. Choose timber tables that highlight the wood’s natural grain and expose its raw beauty, such as our Palmer dining table. Chunky furniture, solid wooden planks and surface variation help to reinforce the rustic atmosphere in your dining room. The key to rustic rooms is carefully mismatching the furniture to create a lived-in look.

Pair your rustic table with classic white wooden side chairs or creamy upholstered armless chairs for an elegant farmhouse feel. Choose a dining bench to add casual country charm to the space and encourage a relaxed atmosphere during meal times. A distressed wooden server or hutch is a classic piece to display your vintage dinnerware and serve meals buffet-style. Add a vase of wildflowers to the table to bring the rustic look together. 


Eclectic decorating is all about mixing and matching your furniture to create interesting combinations of color and texture. There are limitless design possibilities, and you have to choose pieces carefully to avoid an unbalanced effect. The simplest way to get an eclectic look is mismatching your dining chairs – purchase the same chairs in complementary colors or choose accent colors for the ends of the table for a simple splash of variation.

If you prefer a neutral palette, try combining vintage elements with sleek, contemporary pieces. Add classic wingback chairs at a modern table’s ends, or use an upholstered bench seat alongside black bar stools to create unexpected design concepts. Randomize the height and shape of your chairs while keeping them the same color to trick the eye and create a playful dining room atmosphere. You can also repaint your existing mismatched chairs to complement the new ones.

Find Your New Dining Room Set at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone offers a wide selection of quality dining room collections to suit any decorating style and help you bring your creative vision to life. You can purchase a new dining room set as a unit or enjoy mixing and matching different styles and colors with individual pieces. Contact us for more information and design guidance, or meet our friendly team and get inspired by our collection at any of our Home Zone stores.

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