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10 ways to get your home ready for fall

get your home ready for fall

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Fall is officially here in North Texas, which means temperatures are hovering just below 100 degrees and pumpkin spice everything is on the menu. While it might not be cool enough to break out your coat and crank up the fireplace, it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for the cooler months ahead. Use some of these ideas to get you in the mood for the season and make holiday prep that much easier!

  1. Check the gutters. You can expect a good amount of rain and plenty of falling leaves in the coming months. Have your gutters and downspouts inspected now and in a few months to make sure everything is clear. It’ll be easier and less expensive to correct issues now than after disaster strikes.
  2. Weather strip. Make sure all the heat stays indoors this winter by weather-stripping your windows and doors. Check for gaps and cracks so your house will be well insulated when the cold sets in.
  3. Furnace and fireplace maintenance. Bring in professionals to confirm your heating system is in working order before you kick it into high gear. Additionally, furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced, and fireplaces should be cleaned and maintained by a chimney sweep.
  4. Pillow swap. Switch out your lightweight summer pillows with fall-appropriate fabrics. Velvet pillow covers in a variety of jewel-toned hues introduce warmth to any couch or bed. Take fall comfort to the next level by filling a deep basket with a few extra blankets and pillows and placing it in the corner of your living space. This encourages family and guests alike to get comfy!
  5. Change bedding. Cool weather calls for heavier bedding. Swap cool summer colors for rich fall hues and heavier textures for an invitingly warm look. Add an additional blanket atop the down comforter, or place a cozy quilt at the end of the bed for ultimate coziness. Don’t forget to tend to the guest bedroom as well; this will save you an extra step when guests come home for the holidays.
  6. Hang curtains. You’d be surprised how crucial curtains are to maintaining warmth in a home. Opt for a heavy fabric and a dark neutral color to complement your existing color scheme.
  7. Layer rugs. Large rooms with wood or tile floors can feel particularly chilly when the cool weather sets in. Create a unique look by layering rugs one on top of the other. They don’t have to be perfectly lined up or centered—an imperfect layering technique will lend bohemian flair to your rooms.
  8. Romantic lighting. Fall is the perfect time of year for mood lighting. Scatter your favorite candles throughout your house, scented or unscented, it matters not. The soft flicker of candlelight certainly sets the fall mood! Another lighting option is to string twinkle lights. Whether you use them inside or outside, twinkle lights create a romantically dim glow regardless of placement.
  9. Dress up your mantle. It’s generally agreed that the mantle is a key component of a living room, but this is especially true during the cooler months. If you have a fire going in the fireplace, you don’t want the mantle overhead to be bare or, even worse, boring. Add some fall color with framed photos or mini flower arrangements created with fall-appropriate plants.
  10. Fall foliage. A fall home makeover isn’t complete without an outdoor foliage revamp. Tend to your pots, window boxes, beds, what have you, by replacing summer blooms with seasonal color. Anticipate the cold by choosing hardy plants such as English ivy, pansies and ornamental cabbage.

Happy fall!

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