5 accessories to take your home from winter to spring

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As the seasons change, so should your home accessories. This spring, go for key pieces that are easy on the wallet but make a strong visual impact regardless of your style. Whether you’re looking to tweak your bedroom, living room or kitchen, these are my five tips for inviting the color and beauty of spring into your home in no time!

Bed linens

Welcome spring into your home by putting the right sheets and blankets on your bed. As the weather warms up, you’ll want to swap out heavy textiles like flannel and velvet for cooler materials like cotton and linen. Lightweight fabrics like these will regulate your body temperature and help you sleep soundly at night.

Spring is also a great time to experiment with colored sheets. Try incorporating a soft, pastel palette in your bed linens for a look that’s both serene and cheerful.

Throw pillows

To quickly brighten up your bedroom or living room with the colors of the season, look no further than throw pillows. Simply swapping out your pillow covers with beautiful, garden-inspired shades is certain to lighten the mood in any home. Don’t be afraid to choose patterns and fun colors — you can always rearrange. Stripes and large-scale floral prints are two of my favorite choices for spring.


Sometimes a room just doesn’t feel complete without an area or accent rug. In the spring, change out high-pile rugs in dark colors for low-pile rugs in a light or bright color. Natural textures like seagrass are also a nice choice for bringing in a laid-back, beachy vibe.

If you have a rug that just doesn’t seem to be working, this is also the perfect season to take it out completely and go for bare hardwood or tile floors.


Curtains have multiple functions and should be adjusted according to season. In the winter, curtains protect windows from incoming drafts to keep you warm. In the spring and summer, well-chosen curtains can block out harsh sun rays and regulate the temperature inside.

For warm weather, go with a gauzy cotton or linen curtain. To keep inside temps as cool as possible, don’t forget to choose a light color — white reflects light, while black and other dark shades absorb it!

Fresh flowers

Last, but certainly not least, bring the outdoors inside with freshly cut blooms. Your flower arrangement can be as big or small as you like depending on where you want to put it. Place a small vase filled with delicate blooms next to your bedside, or create a larger, dynamic arrangement for a coffee table or entrance hall.

Other places in the home that could always use a pop of color and a dash of fragrance include the mantle, the kitchen countertop or the bathroom vanity.


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