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How to Embrace Fall in Your Home Décor

Fall is harvest time and a full holiday season for celebrating Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos. It’s a delightfully in-between season, offering still warm yet slightly cooler weather. 

There’s also no need to use a leaf tracker to know the seasons are changing. Fall foliage subtly transforms before our eyes into beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, greens, and even pinks and purples. The hues of these fall leaves are reminiscent of the season’s peppers, pumpkins, okra, winter squashes, collard greens, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. 

It’s the perfect time for enjoying football, the gorgeous outdoors, and numerous celebratory events and festivals. So when better to refresh your living spaces with welcoming warmth? Here are a few ideas for embracing autumn in your home décor.  

The Colors of Fall 

Why do leaves change color in the fall? For the same reasons you like to update your décor before winter – to relax, rest, and reinvigorate for summer. Glorious autumn colors are easy to include for a cozy ambiance. Look for décor and soft furnishings in cranberry, burnt orange, rich brown, deep green, and taupe. 

The season also offers the gentle neutrals of hay, pecans, and apple cider – ideal for upholstery, walls, and floor coverings. This rich, earthy color palette suits most themes, whether solids or patterns. Our favorite fall colors for 2023 are toned down — soft peach, orange, beige, honey gold, brick red, and sage. Read on to discover our suggestions for the perfect color combinations. 

Popular Fall Color Combinations

The secret to harmonious color combinations is sticking to a basic color palette. For example, pair classic warm spice, pumpkin, and sage for a “savory” seasonal sensation. As a variation, combine the jewel tones of dark orange and ruby red with purple and midnight blue or a “fall leaf” green. Another popular and complementary choice is kombu green with fawn and cornsilk for fall forest neutrals with a touch of magic. 

Opt for almond, tan, and brown sugar for a sophisticated seasonal switch-up with a more neutral look and feel or a rustic autumnal brown and burgundy floral. Fall trees can also be evergreen, so why not introduce the calming shade of dark sea green, slate, and gray for a lusher, richer impact? Another hotly anticipated fall trend is retro fusion – combining ’70s shades such as mustard with dramatic millennial pinks and greens.  

However you combine the lovely colors of autumn, select shades that help you feel positive and relaxed, and don’t forget to test your pairings before committing. Now that you’ve settled on a color scheme, which fall-themed home décor and decorations are trending to keep your update contemporary?

Fall-Themed Decorations    

Add dimension with tabletop décors such as earthy warming ceramics, cotton, foliage, and figs. Of course, don’t forget holiday inspiration with jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkins, farmhouse baker’s racks, joyful autumn wreaths, wicker baskets, and wall trays. Don’t forget to add fall decor items around your fireplace, too, and enjoy a cozy fire when temperatures begin to dip. 

Use of Plush and Warming Materials 

Trending is velvet — plush, luxurious, and textured for comfort — plus perfect for layering velvet cushions over velvet sofas, accent chairs, and cubes. Also popular are designer tarnished woods and metals, especially in yellows. Layer and create depth with natural fibers and raw edges. Then add more texture with chunky knit throws, pillows, and poufs. Finally, consider choosing neutral shades in monochromes or adding interest and detail with rustic multicolor weaves.

For bedrooms, use the latest heating technology for your bed as the nights get cooler to keep the warmth flowing. Cutting-edge warming fabrics rely on resistive heating rather than uncomfortable coils to deliver low-voltage space and personal heating luxuriously and safely. 

Fall-Inspired Lighting

In autumn, the sun casts a beautiful golden glow and gentle lingering shadows as it sinks lower on the horizon. Why not bring the same invitingly warm, low lighting into your home? Illuminate with statement candles and seasonally scented waxes for an unmistakable fall ambiance. You can also bring nature indoors with harvest-hued lamps.

Incorporating Fall Scents 

Nothing says fall as enjoyably as harvest and Thanksgiving-scented candles, waxes, diffusers, incense, potpourri, and the heady aromas of beloved seasonal dishes and beverages. So fill your home with the delectable scents of tart, creamy pumpkin; spicy, woody apples; and sugary figs and berries. 

Keeping Fall Décor Cozy and Welcoming

Home Zone’s functional and stylish range of furniture, soft furnishings, and fall home décor can help you create a soothing, welcoming, personalized home atmosphere. You’ll find warm fall colors, soft textures, warm lighting, plush and chunky pillows and throws, and natural fabrics and materials. Our fall décor for 2023 includes modern rustic elements and accents and seasonal prints and art

We also stock all you need for your holiday table settings, including pumpkins, gourds, and fall-scented potpourri. Explore our collection today or contact us with any questions or requests.

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