Freshen up your home with pastels

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Feeling inspired by spring? Between the warm weather, the chirping birds and the blooming flowers, this season puts everyone in a cheerful mood — and for good reason.

If you love spring’s upbeat style, try incorporating its signature pastel palette into your home with accessories and furniture. These are five of my favorite ways to invite soft, happy, serene pastels into your home decor this spring.

Accent chairs

Make an immediate statement in a living room or study with a pastel accent chair. In order to put the emphasis on the color, start by finding a chair shape that complements what you already have in the room. The perfect accent chair must walk a fine line between standing out and fitting in. Next, choose the pastel. Baby blue, soft pink, muted green — the options are endless. Lastly, choose a pastel fabric that has an interesting texture or pattern to give your chair even more personality.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are the perennial answer to adding seasonal color to your home. Whether you’re looking to freshen up a living room or bedroom, use throw pillows as an opportunity to experiment with home design on a budget. Try working in both odd and even numbers of throw pillows to find a look that feels authentic to you and your home. A light to dark blue ombré lineup of pillows on your couch might be the answer to livening up a drab living space for the season!

Wall color

Many of us consider neutrals to be the only option for wall color, but think again. While a rich, saturated color is often too overpowering to use on all four walls of a room, pastels are another story entirely. In fact, pastels are a great option for wall color because they add some life to the room, but they’re light enough to keep the space feeling open and airy. Keep in mind that sometimes a light yellow or subdued pink can pass as a neutral. If you’re unsure about painting a whole room with your chosen pastel, start by painting one accent wall and go from there.


Pastels can also be found underfoot. Place a beautiful rug with soft pastel details in your dining room or bedroom this spring. If you’re hosting an Easter dinner, for instance, a pastel-colored rug will add a subtle festiveness that will complement other holiday decorations. Even beyond the Easter eggs, pastels are the perfect palette for highlighting the colors of a flower bouquet during any season. A pastel rug can be a nice choice for a bedroom, too. The soothing shades are sure to create a calm, serene environment from floor to ceiling.


During the spring and summer, every home should be equipped with light-colored curtains to deflect the sun and keep cool. If your walls are painted a neutral tone, take the opportunity to choose curtains in your favorite pastel shade. If you don’t know which to select, pick a color that’s eye-catching but still complements the other furniture and decorative accessories that fill the room.

What’s your favorite pastel, and how will you incorporate it into your home this spring?


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