Get Rid Of Clutter By Tossing These Common Household Items

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No matter the size of your home or how organized you try to keep it, you probably deal with the constant struggle of cutting clutter. From the living room to the home office, almost every room has a clutter culprit.

These are the five sneaking sources of clutter I try to eliminate in my space to promote a clear home and a clear head.

Shopping bags

It’s great to have reusable shopping bags, but keeping too many can lead to clutter. Cut down your stock pile of shopping bags to the maximum number you would use in one trip to the grocery store and get rid of the others. Instead of leaving these shopping bags lying around in your pantry or kitchen area, put them in the trunk of your car so you’ll have them on hand next time you’re at the store.

Gift wrap

When the holidays end and birthdays come and go, don’t let your gift wrap sit out waiting for the next celebratory occasion. If you want to hold on to unused rolls of paper for the next birthday or holiday, place them in a sealed, properly labeled bin and store them in the garage or craft closet. When you need them next, they’ll be accessible, but until then, you’ll have a clean space!


Everyone has that stack of old, tattered towels they keep around just in case. While you might need those towels to dry the dog after a bath or to clean up a catastrophic mess, there’s no need to hold on to a whole stack for these moments. Keep in mind that if you were to get rid of all of your old towels, you could replace them with fewer, more absorbent towels that will do the same job more effectively. Instead of throwing out your old towels, take them to an animal shelter so they can reuse them.


Many of us keep receipts in an effort to be financially responsible, but they don’t do much help when they’re strewn around the house without rhyme or reason. To cut down on receipt clutter in your home (and your purse), make an effort to be more strategic about your receipts. Keep the receipts you need in a designated box or drawer, and if you don’t need one, forgo it at the register and toss unnecessary ones when you find them.


Old magazines are a central source of clutter in many homes. Since many publications turn out a new issue every month, stacks of dated magazines are a common sight for loyal subscribers. After three months, the season, the trends and the celebrity relationships have changed, so get rid of your magazines within this timeframe, too. If you saw a particular style or review that you like, take a digital, clutter-less note in your phone or tear out the page and get rid of the rest of the magazine.

Feeling a little lighter already? Me, too!


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