How to host the best football watch party

how to host the best football watch party

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It’s September and you know what that means—football season! If you’re planning on hosting a party to root for your favorite team, here are a few things to keep in mind to help your get-together stand out from the crowd. Fair warning, though: Following these tips and you might have guests flocking to your house every week!

Entertainment center: The TV is the focal point of the party. Aside from confirming that everything is in working order, you also need to position the TV for optimal viewing. Place your TV on top of a stand so the screen is at eye level when you stand up. This will afford the best view for your guests when they’re seated. Another consideration when it comes to TV placement is glare. Turn on the TV and see how the screen interacts with the natural light during the time of day the game will be played. Arrange your entertainment center accordingly so your guests see a clear picture.

Seating: Since the average football game lasts approximately three hours, you’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable for a full four quarters. Avoid folding chairs and opt for a sectional combined with a love seat and maybe a few armchairs. While you might have to pull furniture from a few different rooms to seat everyone, your guests will much prefer mismatched seating that’s comfortable to the alternative.

Prepare your space: Remove any area rugs from the viewing room to avoid possible stains from spills. Ensure there are coasters readily available for your guests’ drinks to help to protect your surfaces from rings. You can also use it as an opportunity to add some game-day color to the room. Cut coasters from corkboard and put jersey numbers on each one so everyone can keep track of their drink.

Snacks: For an afternoon party, don’t feel pressured to offer a full meal. Instead, make an assortment of delicious snacks that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. Place dishes on side tables and on your coffee table so they’re always within arm’s reach. After all, no one wants to get up in the middle of a good play to find a snack! Some of our game-day favorites include popcorn tossed with chili powder, individual nacho topping cups served with tortilla chips and the homemade snack mix of your choosing—feel free to get creative!

Décor: A football watching party isn’t complete without a healthy dose of team spirit! Have your guests dress in their favorite player’s jersey, and decorate your viewing room with your team’s colors. Simple touches such as colored napkins, plates, straws and bouquets of pompoms will add plenty of football flourishes to your home.

May the best team win!



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