How to Incorporate 2017’s Top 4 Color Trends Into Your Home

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Home trends change from year to year, and so does the color palette. Inspired by innovative designs, vintage styles and popular culture, the year’s color trends come from a variety of sources and manifest themselves in many ways, depending on the home.

From the daring Pantone color of the year to modern neutrals, these are the top four color trends for 2017 and the best ways to incorporate them into your living space this season.

Go bold with Greenery, the official Pantone color of the 2017. Fun and youthful, this acidic green gives a much-needed update to duller shades of green.

Greenery can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your style. Make an impact in a contemporary home by painting your entryway with Greenery. Add a subtle accent of Greenery in a large, traditional living room through throw pillows, ceramics or a coffee table tray covered in this trendy hue.

Millennial Pink
Last year, Rose Quartz was one of the two Pantone colors of the year. This year, “Millennial Pink” is the rosy shade on every designer’s radar. This color is a soft pink that lands somewhere between salmon and peach. It’s popular because it’s a fresh neutral that’s not too sweet. Consider using Millennial Pink on a couch, upholstered dining room chairs, curtains or bedding.

Gold has surpassed rose gold as this year’s favorite metallic. To keep your home from looking as though it’s been touched by King Midas, keep in mind that gold looks fresher when it’s mixed in with a soft, pastel palette dominated by whites, greys and light pinks.

Introduce this classic, eye-catching shade into your home through small, choice accessories such as the base of a lamp or a mirror frame.

Dusk is a blue-gray shade that can go with all interiors. This color is a beautiful neutral that can stand out or disappear. Whether your home is traditional or modern, rustic or glamorous, this shade can do it all.

The slate-like shade can be applied to just about anything from the kitchen cabinets to the master bedroom walls or the upholstered couch in the formal living room.

Which color will your home be trying on first?


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