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Smart trick-or-treating safety tips

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The pumpkins have been carved, the costumes have been chosen, and Halloween is only a few days away. If your family is preparing for a big night of trick-or-treating, don’t forget to review a few crucial safety tips with your kids before heading out. Putting these simple precautions in place will put your mind at ease and help your kids score as much candy as possible — safely!

Plan your route

Whether you’re accompanying your child or allowing them to go it alone, plan a route so no one gets lost. Walking in familiar neighborhoods on streets you know like the back of your hand is the best option. If you’re allowing your child to go without you, insist that they go with a group of kids and that they return home at an agreed-upon time.

Tailor the costume

Since your child will be walking in the dark, tailor their costume so that it fits well. If the costume is too long and skims the ground, it could very easily pose a tripping hazard. On that note, make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes, and that any costume accessories they want to carry are small, lightweight and easy to hold.

Apply reflective tape

Make your child visible to passing motorists by simply applying a few strips of reflective tape to their costume. Your child might try to resist this addition, but remind them that it’s for the sake of their safety.

Hold hands

If you’re accompanying your small children as they go trick-or-treating, be sure to hold their hands when crossing the street. It will be much easier for cars to see you than your kids.

Carry a flashlight

All groups of trick-or-treaters, whether they are chaperoned by an adult or not, should carry a flashlight. A flashlight will help you find your children in the dark as they run from house to house, and will illuminate the path so no one is caught off guard by something underfoot.

Have adults open doors

Receiving trick-or-treaters at your house? Don’t allow your kids to open the door — you never know who might be on the other side. If the kids want to participate in handing out candy, you should man the door, then let the kids can give candy to each visitor.

Check your children’s candy

After trick-or-treating is over, do a quick check of your children’s candy. Make sure that every piece of candy is in its original wrapper and doesn’t look previously opened. If you come across anything homemade, throw it out just in case.

Ration treats 

Protect against that classic Halloween stomachache by rationing the candy throughout the entire month. Look on the bright side — the candy will last longer!

Happy Halloween!


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