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Summer home design dos and don’ts

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Summer is swiftly approaching, and for many of us, it’s the perfect time to revamp the house before the kids are out of school.

Keeping in mind the trends of the season and some commonly committed mistakes, these are my dos and don’ts for decorating this season and beyond!


Don’t use every trend in one room

Home decor trends change every season, so deploy them wisely! The first rule is to only indulge in trends you truly like — the trend will change before you know it, so don’t invest in a style just because it’s popular at the moment. The second rule is to spread any trendy items throughout your home so that the new additions aren’t all concentrated in one space.


Do try a trend here and there around your entire home

While your home shouldn’t be overrun with trends, trendy styles and decor items are essential to making your home feel current and stylish. Once you get inspired by one trend (or several), do your best to disperse the trend throughout your house in different ways so that it looks organic and well-incorporated in your existing decor.


Don’t match every little thing

For a look that’s modern, fresh and unique, don’t try to match everything in a room. It’s OK, and actually recommended, if the throw pillows don’t match the curtains and if the lamps aren’t all from the same collection. With a little bit of mix and match, you’ll be able to create a look that better reflects you and your family.


Do maintain a color palette for a cohesive look

In order to create a well-composed room, pick a color palette you like and stick with it. Neutrals, shades of blue, jewel tones — whatever you pick, this palette will guide your aesthetic choices from the rug to the accent chair.


Don’t put every belonging on display

You’ll end up with a busy, cluttered room if you put every belonging on display in an effort to decorate. While you might like the style of a maximalist room, pick and choose the things you love most to put on display.


Do showcase your collections

Not every belonging should be on display, but the display of a collection or two is a classic, highly personal element of design. To make it work, first decide where you will be putting your collection on display. Use an empty wall to install a handful of artworks in a gallery-style hanging, or make use of those open kitchen shelves by styling them with beautiful ceramics.


Don’t have cold, bare rooms

To do minimalism right, it’s important to avoid creating a room that feels cold and bare. If the room feels too sparse, guests won’t feel welcomed into the space. If the design is simple and clean, it’s imperative that the textures you use are rich and cozy.


Do embrace minimalism

A cold, bare home is uninviting, but a nicely done minimalist home feels refreshing and serene. In order to create a minimalist style that is true to your lifestyle, start simply by minimizing clutter. Next, embrace a neutral color palette with shades of white, gray and beige. Lastly, invest in a minimalist style by decorating with furniture and other décor that has clean lines and simple, relaxed shapes.



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