Things you shouldn’t forget to clean

things you shouldn't forget to clean

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Cleaning your home is a big task. From the daily touch-ups to the monthly clean-outs, you have a lot of rooms, appliances and pieces of furniture to get to. That being said, even the most dutiful housekeeper is bound to miss a spot or two. To go the extra mile when cleaning your house, don’t forget these oft-overlooked items!


Cleaning your bedding every week is easy, but cleaning the mattress is a production! Like your sheets, your mattress collects dust, sweat, dead skin and a host of other microbes. To clean it, simply sprinkle baking soda on the mattress surface and then vacuum it after 30 minutes to an hour. Once a year, flip the mattress to extend its life.

Bed skirt

There are multiple reasons to have a bed skirt, and one of them is to catch dust before it gets under your bed. If your bed skirt is doing its job, it’s most likely getting very dirty! Once a month, throw the bed skirt in the wash. Iron it before putting it back on the bed for a clean, crisp look.

Pillows and comforter

Pillows and comforters don’t need to be cleaned as often as their covers, but washing them at least once a month will keep your bedding feeling fresh. Check the care label on your pillows and comforters before you put them in the washing machine to make sure you don’t damage the filling. When you put the comforter in the dryer, put a tennis ball or two in with it. This little trick ensures that the comforter filling doesn’t clump up while drying!

Garbage disposal

Eliminate odor in your kitchen by cleaning the garbage disposal. Once a week, combine one cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda and pour it down the disposal with the water running. This will clear the connected waterways and cut that lingering dingy smell. The vinegar will have a strong aroma at first, but it will fade.


For clean dishes, you need a clean dishwasher. Once a week, run the dishwasher while empty with a half cup of vinegar and hot water. This will help remove any hidden food bits, eliminate odor and flush out the plumbing.

Washing machine

To extend the life of your appliance and have cleaner clothes, don’t forget to tend to the washing machine. After you finish a load, wipe the rubber gusset to clear out dirt and moisture. Always clean out the detergent compartment before putting more in, too. When the load is finished, I suggest leaving the door to the washing machine ajar so it can air out. No one likes clothes that smell like mildew!

Window screens

If you apply glass cleaner religiously and your windows still look dirty, it’s time to wash your window screens. At the beginning of each season, slide your window screens out and clean them by spraying them with a hose. Use a towel to wipe off excess dirt. When the screens are dry, slide them back into place for an improved view.

Buttons on electronics

Electronics you use regularly are bound to be dirty. During your weekly home cleaning, wipe down your remote controls, keyboards and home phone. Clean your cell phone surfaces even more often to cut down on potential germs and viruses.

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