Guide to Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

Guide To Valentines Day Date Night by Home Zone Furniture

Why not take the pressure off this year and enjoy a relaxing and romantic Valentine’s day at home? Instead of making restaurant reservations, you can opt to cook a delicious meal together, order in, watch your favorite movie or show your love for one another with a home spa treatment. There are numerous ways to set the mood at home and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere where you can delight in spending time together, make memories and reflect on your love for each other. With our list of fun at-home Valentine’s Day activities, you can organize the perfect date night to suit your budget and interests.

Set the Right Mood

Set the tone for a date night at home and create a romantic environment with little decorative touches such as candles scattered around the living room, soft lighting from a floor lamp and gentle background music. If you’re watching a movie, get cozy on the couch with soft accent pillows and a throw blanket. For an intimate dinner setting, use a vase of flowers as your centerpiece and set out wine glasses and your best plates. You can personalize the space with your partner’s favorite things, such as table accessories, indoor plants, a framed photo, a bowl of chocolates and a special message to show how much you love them. 

Make Dinner Together

Start your Valentine’s date with a labor of love by cooking a delicious meal together. You can choose the menu together and opt for a new exotic dish or make your favorite dinner to enjoy as a couple. You can wait until your kids are in bed to get cooking, or set them up in another room with a quiet activity or movie so you can relish your couple time. Even if your meal doesn’t go to plan, you’ll still enjoy the experience of being together and having a unique Valentine’s Day celebration.

Order in Your Favorite Meal

For a less labor-intensive date — and to save on washing dishes — order dinner from a local restaurant. Select your spouse’s favorite menu or mix it up by ordering various dishes from a few different places and explore the various flavors of your backyard. You may even find a new favorite place to eat for your next date night out. You can also reminisce on a date from the past with food from a special restaurant that holds fond memories. Just be sure to order dessert at the same time for a sweet delight to end your evening.

Plan a Game Night

Get the conversation and friendly competition going with a game night. Challenge your partner to a game of Scrabble, chess, cards or any other board game suitable for two. If you want an even playing ground, buy a new game for your Valentine’s night which can also double as a gift for your partner. You can set a new video game challenge for the evening or double date with friends by setting up a virtual online match for interactive couples. This can cater your evening to your gaming taste and style as a couple. 

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Dim the lights and settle in to watch your favorite movie. You can create a home theater with a movie projector facing your wall or lie back and watch scenes unfold on the ceiling. The best movies have snacks, so be sure to stock up on popcorn, drinks and your partner’s choice of candy. Keep the snacks close at hand on the coffee table or go for a picnic-style set up with a blanket on the floor. Make a cozy space with plenty of blankets and pillows scattered around or position your recliners movie-style. 

Make Your Home into a Spa

Whether you want to spend the evening pampering your spouse or offer a massage after watching a movie, you can turn your home into a mini spa. Relax with a bubble bath, use aromatherapy candles to create ambiance and set up a side table with a glass of champagne within easy reach. Bath bombs, face masks and a cozy robe to wrap up in can take your spa treatment to the next level. Other fun and indulgent ideas include a foot spa, pedicure, manicure or full body massage. 

Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special With the Help of Home Zone Furniture

The beauty of celebrating Valentine’s Day at home is that you can tailor a romantic evening to suit your partner. You can easily mix and match a few ideas and have a date night that celebrates your unique love for one another. At Home Zone, we have an extensive range of furniture and home decor to make your evening a success. From cozy couches and luxurious beds to soft accent pillows, throws, candles and other decorative touches, you can surprise your partner with a date night to remember. Browse our range online and in-store or contact our friendly team for assistance selecting the ideal furniture to suit your theme. 

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