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Home Zone Furniture Financing Explained

At Home Zone Furniture, we love seeing people turn empty houses into comfortable, welcoming homes with furniture that meets their family’s needs. However, replacing old pieces can be costly. For example, buying a new living room set can cost over $1,000 — that’s where furniture financing comes in. 

We offer three in-store finance solutions to help families procure the furniture they need, when they need it. Explore our layaway, credit card, and rent-to-own furniture financing options below.

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Bedroom Ideas

Tips for Creating a Home Office that Doubles as a Guest Room

While you may love hosting guests overnight, they are often only there for a short time. Therefore, creating a multi-purpose room such as a home office and guest room combo is the perfect solution for maximizing your space. You can readily accommodate guests while using the room for storage or daily tasks. With our creative home office and guest room ideas, you can create a highly functional yet cozy and inviting space for you and your guests.

home office
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Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Easy Ways to Spruce Your Home For The Spring by Home Zone Furniture

Spring has sprung — bringing with it longer days, more sunlight, happiness, increased energy, and the desire to represent the new delight that nature offers inside your home. You may feel that only your living room or bedroom is a little cheerless and needs some vibrancy, or you can spread the joy and update every room in your home with our attractive, reasonably priced accessories. View our imaginative accents, plants, flowers, multicolored rugs and lighting options (to name a few possibilities) and take your pick. We make the process of brightening up your safe space with newfound treasures an easy, delightful experience.

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Bedroom Ideas

Ways to Improve Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Regularly getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental for physical and mental well-being. Inadequate sleep impacts your mood, immune system, and ability to concentrate and make sound decisions during the day. So, how can you improve your sleep quality? 

You can meditate, do gentle exercises, or use lavender-scented candles, but the best way to get better sleep is to invest in your bedroom. The design, layout, and contents of your room all affect your sleeping patterns. Here are some simple changes to make your bedroom more relaxing and conducive to quality sleep.

Eight Ways To Improve Your Bedroom For Better Sleep by Home Zone Furniture
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Bedroom Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Bed Extra Cozy

Making your bed in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment and is the ideal way to start your day. You’ll also have the added benefit of coming home to a nicely made, cozy, comfy bed at the end of the day when you’re ready to relax, unwind, and get a restful night’s sleep. Knowing how to make a bed cozy is effortless with our ultimate guide to essential bedding and layering tips. Once you’ve mastered how to make your bed more comfortable, it may even be hard to resist sleeping late.

cozy bed
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