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5 Dorm Room Must-Haves For New College Students

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

It’s hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close and school will soon be back in session. Regardless of how old your children are, gearing up for school is a big task, especially if said child is heading off to college.

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From books to organizational tools and that rite-of-passage shower caddy, there are many must-haves for an easy transition into dorm life. In order to make the transition a little easier, I suggest making your student’s dorm room as homey and functional as possible with these five essentials.

Area rug

A colorful area rug will instantly make a dorm room feel more like home. Most dorm rooms are tiled with unsightly linoleum, making for a sterile environment that lacks personality. An area rug will not only add a dose of color to a bland room, but it will also help maintain warmth when the temperatures drop. Don’t know which color to choose? Try something dark or bold. That way, if something spills on the rug during the school year, it won’t be a big deal!

Good lighting


Dorm rooms have notoriously bad lighting. Whether your child likes to study solo or gather with friends in their room, a soft glow will create a nice atmosphere they’ll want to spend time in. Place a functional lamp on the desk for those long evening hours spent writing papers, and a fun standing lamp at the bedside. Since dorm rooms don’t allow residents to mount anything to the wall (lighting included), it’s up to you to find lighting that fits the space without taking up too much real estate.



Good storage is a priority in all dorm rooms. Many rooms are equipped with a desk and a dresser, but an extra drawer or two can never hurt. It’s a great idea to raise your bed and then use space underneath for multi-drawer storage. Still need more space for clothes, papers and the like? You could also try a nightstand with organizational components.

Small couch


If space permits, spring for a small couch. A couch is a great way to instantly transform a dorm room into an inviting space for entertaining. As you select your couch, keep in mind color scheme and size. You’ll want to make sure your couch complements your space and doesn’t dominate it.

Added comfort

Last but not least, a dorm room isn’t a haven without a few added layers of cushion. Dorm rooms aren’t necessarily known for their comfortable mattresses, so put yourself ahead of the game with memory foam, an egg crate or a pillow-top mattress cover. From there, add throw pillows for color, and don’t forget a seat cushion for your desk chair, too!

Which dorm room essentials did you rely on in college?


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Sensational Sectional Sofas from Home Zone

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Decorating the family room can be a surprisingly difficult task. Of course you want the room to be stylish and well-composed, but the pieces you choose to fill this high-traffic room must be functional and comfortable. If you’re just beginning to put together your family room or simply looking to upgrade, I suggest starting with the room’s focal point: the couch. From size to shape and color, you have endless options when it comes to choosing the perfect couch for your home and lifestyle.

For a bustling family that loves to gather at home, my suggestion is a tried and true sectional couch. The Home Zone Furniture collection has many sectionals to choose from, but these four are my absolute favorites.


Zoey Sectional

The Zoey sectional is the ideal choice for the ultra-stylish, contemporary home. It’s a stand-out in terms of both aesthetics and comfort. Notice its clean lines, cushion depth and rolled arms for maximum comfort. Its microfiber covering is velvety and soft, inviting you to sit (or nap) for hours. No matter what the existing color palette of your family room might be, this neutral gray tone is sure to fit in. Throw pillows are a must on any substantial couch, and with the Zoey, a handful come included!



Create a soft, welcoming environment in your home with the Jillian sectional. Made with a soft chenille fabric, the Jillian is a cozy oasis for the family to relax together. While sectionals tend to dominate both physical and visual space, the Jillian’s light, neutral color allows it to gently blend in with your family room environment. Aside from its unassuming presence, we also love its clean, structured design and reversible throw pillows. The reversible feature ensures you’ll be able to switch up the look of your couch at a moment’s notice.



For ultra-comfortable, oversized seating, look no further than our Waverly sectional. The seating cushions are deep and wide, promising that you’ll always be comfy no matter where you sit! This chenille sectional is best suited to a room with larger proportions. Take advantage of the reversible throw pillows and mix them up whenever you please. The structured, linear arms are not only a great place to lean an elbow, but you could use them to balance a coaster and drink, too!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Sectional Angle 02.psd

Fashionable, luxurious and cozy, the Santa Barbara has everything you could possibly want in a sectional. This light gray couch complements a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and fills every space it encounters nicely. For those with a family prone to messes, the Santa Barbara protects against disaster with its easy-to-clean, 100-percent polyester surface. The cushions feature extra coils, and the backs and sides are padded for comfort. With cushions that hold their shape and arm rests that are nicely rolled, the Santa Barbara is sure to add a dose of elegance to your home.

Which of these sensational sectionals will you be relaxing on this summer?