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Dining Table & Chair Height Comparison

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When picking out furniture for a dining room or kitchen, you need to think about more than just color and style. Indeed, one of the most overlooked factors concerning dining tables and chairs is height. Say you are moving into a different residence — assuming your old or newly bought counter height stools will work well in the space — and only realize they’re way too short for the bar or counter height in the kitchen on moving day. Now you have a set of barstools you don’t know what to do with, and you need to buy a new set to suit your new patio or kitchen. Which bar or counter height will be the most practical if you are building a new home? How high should the stools for that bar counter be? What are the “best” dining table and chair heights depending on how tall the people who use them most frequently are?

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Decor, Dining Room Ideas

The Top 4 Most Comfortable Dining Chairs

Putting in the time and effort to select comfortable seating for your dining area is just as important as choosing the ideal couch for your lounge or the perfect bed for your sleeping quarters. Why? Because comfort is paramount when it comes to entertaining or inviting people to linger for that after-dinner coffee. You may also be surprised at how much time you spend seated at the table even when you’re not entertaining – bustling breakfasts, homework sessions, arts and crafts, relaxing coffee breaks, family meals. The list goes on, yet knowing you have the most comfortable dining chairs, you won’t mind one little bit.

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Decor, Dining Room Ideas

Tips for choosing the right dining furniture

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture. As you all know, each and every room in our house speaks to our sense of style. But the rooms in our home are more than just a display of personal taste.

The dining room, for instance, not only adheres to our decorating schemes but also serves as a functional space for our families and a gathering place for meals and special occasions. Here are three easy tips for choosing dining furniture to fit your style and your needs.

Assess the room.

Figure out what you’re working with. What are the measurements of the room? Is it rectangular, square or circular? Knowing this information is a must before you go to pick out furniture. It would be nothing short of heartbreaking to fall in love with a dining table only to find that it doesn’t fit your space. Keep in mind there should be at least 3 feet between the table and the wall or other obstructions. This wiggle room ensures diners can get in and out of their seats with ease.

Feeling good about table size but unsure about table shape? Round tables are great for conversation, rectangular tables can hold several guests (especially with a leaf inserted), square tables offer a unique look and oval tables are ideal for giving an angular room some soft curves.

Consider function.

Ask yourself what you use the dining table for. This step will inform the table finish you choose, as well as the type of chairs you need. Is the dining room primarily for Thanksgiving feasts, Easter brunches and the like? Do your kids use the table for homework and crafts? If your table is for formal dining and accommodating guests, a rectangular or oval table is a wise choice. Select a table with a leaf that you can insert when extra guests show up. For more intimate dining, circular or square tables will do the trick.

Regardless of the size of the table, each guest should have about 30 inches of table space. This allows dishes to be passed and for everyone to have ample elbowroom. For those buying chairs separately from the table, measure accordingly to be sure guests will be able to cross and uncross their legs.

As for finishes, tables that are used for more formal occasions can be made of solid wood or feature glossy sheens, dark stains, glass tops or ornate carvings. Casual, kid-friendly tables are better off in distressed wood or painted white, as they hide nicks easier. Painting a wood table with a gloss or semi-gloss makes for an easy-to-clean surface. If you want to see the wood grain but still add a color, try a cherry or maple stain.

Identify your style.

Last but not least, consider your style. Popular decorating styles here at Home Zone include traditional, country, eclectic and modern. Traditional style leans toward wood finishes, carved legs and upholstered chairs for a comfortable, yet formal dining experience. Country or cottage style is reflected through distressed wood, painted finishes, bench seating or open-backed chairs. Eclectic style is all about mix-and matching—chairs, colors and details. Modern style is expressed through clean lines, classic shapes, metallic finishes and no added detailing.

Finding the perfect dining furniture for your house and lifestyle is simple. Just consider your space, function and style for a hassle-free furniture shopping experience. Before you know it, your dining room will be your family’s go-to spot for every occasion!

Happy dining!